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Ghost Ryder 08-13-2008 11:02 PM

Lameness; Thrush? Authritis?

Im brand new to this forum, I actually sought it out because Im struggling with my 14 year old Thoroughbred. Hes a retired race horse, very loving and has been with me for 9 years. I was wondering if anyone could lend me some help or advice, in the last 4-5 months my horse has seemed to constantly turn up lame.

Now I know he's not got the best hooves in the world, a fore hoof has been cracked most of his time with me and its never caused him any discomfort. When I clean his hooves they do smell foul, but not too terribly so. He has had thrush in the past and a abessess, but I cant find any hot spots or indication of one. His hooves are soft, I dig them out as well as possible with a hoof knife to be sure theres no small pebbles causing him trouble. Ive tried hoof conditioners in attempt to just try and help him. But its hard to treat when I just dont know whats wrong. Ive contemplated treating him for thrush, but I dont feel that the smell of his hooves is serious enough to be a case bad enough to make him lame. But i could be wrong, theres no swelling or heat spots in his legs at all either. (Or that I can find.)

Any suggestions on what could be wrong? I will try and get some pictures of his hooves tomarrow after I scrub them up. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Solon 08-13-2008 11:04 PM

If he's coming up that lame and that much, I'd have the vet out. They can do a lot of things to try and isolate where the problem is then treat from there. Remember no hoof no horse!

Ghost Ryder 08-14-2008 10:38 AM

I have a friend who has worked and handled horses with troubled feet, she will be up today to take a look. Shes been out of town for a time, luckily back now I will have her help. But thank you, if my friend suggests a vets help as well I will be calling one.

Also, maybe someone can give me some insight in on this, my Thoroughbred is 14, good prime age, not old and not young, hes always had a fiery colored chestnut coat, darker then golden. But in the last 6-8 months hes seemed to betting small area's where alotta grey hairs are showing up. Like on his neck, withers and jaw. Is he roaning out? Or just going grey with age? I cant find any evidence of anything grey in his blood lines, his mother and grand mother were all chestnut, his sire was the same reddish/fiery chest nut color and his grand sire a light bay. People has said to me that Thoroughbred that come off the track age faster because of there younger hardships then other horses. Is this his case? Is he gettin old at a young age?


SonnyWimps 08-14-2008 10:59 AM

ditto to what Solon said...I'd get a vet out
For truth I'd put on Go-Dry. It's a topic treatment for Mastitis, but it works wonderful. My horse had thrush and it cleared ALL of it up in 2 days. If he has it really really bad then I'd apply it every week or two times a week, and once it's gone apply a 50-50 solution of Apple Cider Vinager with water daily to prevent thrush.
Make sure he has a dry spot in the pasture to stand in (if he's in a pasture), or if he's in a stall make sure the stall is cleaned often daily.

try to find a good barefoot trimmer in your arena or one that is familiar with OTTB, I'd also have the vet and farrier out together so they can talk back and forth about treatments

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