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hemms 07-30-2012 06:29 PM

Colour Ideas Please
Hello, all.

Just an amateur shower (first year in small town local circuit). Next year, I hope to attend more than the three shows I've managed this year.

Question is what do you guys think I should do, colour-wise? I have flexibility to change my top and wonder if I can keep my pad the same as it is... I know it's not the perfect show pad, but it works well for us and I'm leary of changing up something that fits so well.

So, a purple top, maybe? Blue? Should I play off my tack more than my horse? I think the grey top I have in this pic is too washed out. Hat is black but all else of my attire can change. I tie my hair in a bun, now.

I realise that we're the misfits of the WP arena and don't expect to be any kind of huge contenders, even in our little shows, but I would like to look my best.

Also, how many of you prefer to pin your number to your pad as opposed to your shirt? Guess it wouldn't really work on this pad, anyhow..?

Roperchick 07-30-2012 06:36 PM

I personally think yall would look good in teal or green..then again im prejudiced because my boy Zuny is the same color and thats what he has! haha

saddle pad wise you could always keep that pad underneath and lay a nice colored blanket over the top. but its just your personal preference. where i showed you wouldnt do well with a pad like that showing. but it may be different where youre at.

and i always pin my number onto my saddle has the sleeves for the numbers and its so much better than having the number on my shirt...sooo annoying when your number flys up and smacks you in the back of the head when your loping :/ haha.

hemms 07-30-2012 11:43 PM

Lol! I've been eye-balling your avatar and have to mentally check myself; "No. That can't be Maximus. I haven't taken a photo of him in the new trailer yet... And none of his friends have bums those colours." Duh!

Thanks for the idea. I wonder if I shouldn't choose something on the primary scale to pop off the orange hues of the saddle...

Part of the issue with the show blankets is that they're all ÜBER long on his short Fjord back! The pad in this pic is only 30".

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