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SystemFreak 07-31-2012 11:38 PM

Which Saddle...? Help?
Hello. I am buying my first somewhat expensive saddle. I have so far found these two saddles which seem pretty good.

The first one is a Martha Josey Barrel Saddle
Serial Number: 17345070103
She is asking $650 shipped.
According to the serial number, (if i decoded it correctly) it was made in 2003.

The second one is a Martha Josey Ultimate Barrel Saddle. (unsure of the difference?)
Serial: 117545070504
She is asking $800 shipped. According to the serial number (if I decoded it correctly?) It was made in 2004.

Both are the correct seat size as well as FQHB, which I believe my horse needs. Which would be the better buy?

SouthernTrails 08-01-2012 06:18 AM


As for price on the 1st Saddle, the Martha Josey name has been used my several Saddle makers, hard to say which one you have, so not sure on price.

The 2nd Saddle from what I have found goes for 1,800.00 to 2,200.00 new depending on the actual Saddle Maker, so used for 800.00 seems fair.

Condition of the Saddle is everything in the pricing of a used Saddle.

A brand name of who made it, ie Circle Y, Action Co., Longhorn, etc. and Pictures would really help.

Some Martha Josey Models by Action Co. sold for 1,200.00 when new 5-6 years ago, so if for instance if they were the Saddle Maker, those used prices would be a little high unless in 90% new condition.


Saddlebag 08-01-2012 09:12 AM

You are paying for the Martha Josey name and that this saddle is sold as a barrel racer. If is was advertised as a lighter weight trail saddle it would be considerably cheaper. The black tree is a recycled Ralide tree which is a little cheaper than the orange colored tree. The fleece is synthetic. This is not a high end saddle, more on the economy lines. I wouldn't pay more than $450 shipped. I'm not getting any pics of the second one.

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