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cirrutopia 08-01-2012 10:03 AM

Questions about leasing...
So I'm still just beginning to get back into riding, but have always known that having (and showing) a horse of my own is one of my ultimate life goals. It's one my partner things we can make happen, financially, as well, if we plan well.

I'm not ready to leap into anything. My only horsey expense right now is $55/week for lessons, and I want to be taking lessons for a while yet before I consider owning. Though I'm not ready to lease yet, either, I thought that might help me learn a lot more/improve/have a horse to care for. It's not so much the expense, as it is just being sure I'm ready for the commitment and also getting to figure out what I'll be looking for when I do, someday, get to have a horse of my own.

The barn where I take lessons has a program where you can have a partial lease on a lesson horse. It's $200/month for "two rides" per week plus you need to be taking a lesson either weekly or biweekly ($55/lesson). To me, this sounded a bit steep considering the very limited amount of riding, (could a ride only be the length of a half-hour lesson?) but maybe I'm wrong? I guess maybe it also sounds expensive because if I do that for just a few months... that could really amount to a nice chunk of change in the emergency vet fund I'd like to have for when I get my own horse

That all being said, I've been trying to read up on leasing, but I wanted to hear some advice from "real people," too...

- What are good ways/good places to look to find a horse to lease?
- Do you have advice about finding a horse suitable for me? (I'd fall into the beginner category?)

I know a lot of this varies depending on owner and lease agreement, but I'm wondering what (if anything) is typical/what your experiences have been, just so I can get an idea of some possibilities:
- Where did your leased horse stay?
- Who covered major vet bills?
- How much did you pay?

mls 08-01-2012 10:26 AM

We have leased our personal horses and managed leases for friends.

Basically the horse owner covers the routine vet and farrier. The person leasing pays a fee based on full or partial lease. We do require a lesson a month to ensure the relationship is going well. Our partial leases start at $150 - tack is included (Has to fit the horse).

Lease agreement has particulars - can horse be ridden by friends of person leasing, what is horse owner involvement, etc.

Leasing is a great way to be involved without jumping in over your head. Be sure to have every question answered - and documented!

Daisy25 08-01-2012 10:43 AM

Hello and welcome!

So're looking at spending about $420 per month to ride three times a week. (One of those rides being a lesson.)

Certainly, that's not outrageous - but it's not super cheap either. Seems like a good "average" cost for the lease of a lesson horse.

Cinder 08-01-2012 01:14 PM

- What are good ways/good places to look to find a horse to lease?

When I was looking, I looked on "horse for sale" sites because they often had a "for lease" option. I also found this: Horse Lease Connection: About Us: Lease a horse or stable I haven't really found much with it, but it might be helpful to you!

- Do you have advice about finding a horse suitable for me? (I'd fall into the beginner category?)

Make sure you state that you're a beginner to anyone who asks what level you are. While looking at ads, watch out for any red flags. Make sure to ask the owner what level rider can ride the horse if they don't mention it.

- Where did your leased horse stay?

At my lesson barn. He's a lesson horse there.

- Who covered major vet bills?

My barn.

- How much did you pay?

About $200/month for one free ride and a lesson a week (lessons are included in the price. They're usually about $40 a week). My lesson is an hour long with usually two other people in it, and my free ride can be however long, but is usually also an hour.

I'd say that if your free rides can be an hour long, go for it! If not, I'd look around for something else.

Kelli 08-01-2012 05:32 PM

WOW cinder!! Thats a pretty good deal in my eyes! If you get a month where you have 5 lessons, your rides are completely free.

I am just starting my lease today. I pay an average of half of the horse's expenses (boarding, routine vet and farrier) per month, so $350. He has specialized shoes from a previous injury, so that is more expensive than usual. I have 3 rides a week on top of my lesson (not included in lease). But I have unlimited bonding time:) So I can go out there and groom him, walk him, graze him, just like he were my own. I enjoy that time, some people don't.

I use my own tack, with the understanding it will fit properly. I am testing a couple of saddles right now. If it doesn't fit, I will rent from the owner of the horse.

If things go well, I plan on purchasing after 4 months.

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