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DeeSmith 08-02-2012 08:54 AM

what trailer to get for a large thoroughbred?
Hi there,

I'm looking to buy my first trailer, so i can take my large tb mare out and about aswell as give lifts to other horses/ponies at my yard
my mare is a good 16.1h and still growing she's about 6'6" in length, so i've been looking at trailers that will carry large horses like

- Rice Beautfort Sixty
- Ifor Williams HB511
- Equitrek trail treka 'L'

but would like some advice on them, like which one will last longest? which have the best length for a mare? and which is nicer to tow? . (towing with a land rover defender which has 3,500kg towing capacity)

what are you general experances with said types of trailers?

I've heard ifor's rust alot, and know someone that put there hand threw the wooden floor on a 5 year old trailer! also that the equitrek is good but expensive.... (I'm planning on buying new so i can have it 20 years or so :) )


Also does anyone know what the standard rice colours are?? i've been looking on there website and can't find if it says it or not! lol

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