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DriftingShadow 08-02-2012 10:47 PM

Frustrated, angry, upset .. just need to vent!
I posted yesterday about how I had finally found a new farrier for Drifter I liked, and how the barn farrier had NOT been working for me and my boy. Well some people at the barn who have also been looking for new farriers, decided to try the guy I found out. Well, my BO went off on me about it this afternoon. Here is a little back story before I go into the details.

Issues I had with barn farrier:
He first trimmed Drifter about 2 weeks after we had first moved to the barn. I was present for that trimming and all trimmings after. He told me he bet it would be no big deal to take Drifters back shoes off, leave them on the front and put him out to pasture. I was like, hmm that seems to easy but I went with it. During the trim I brought up that he was taking a lot off Drifter's heels, and leaving an extremely long toe. I voiced my displeasure. He told me I didnt know what I was talking about. Drifter walks away from farrier visit lame. He assures me this is "normal" and the fact I hadnt ran into it before was just bad luck on my part. I pay $70 for the front shoes.
Fast forward a week and a half. Drifter is ouchy lame. Vet reccomends putting his back shoes on. I do. I once again pay $70 for Drifter's back shoes. I mention once again I don't like the way he is cutting the heels so low. He again ignores me. I start to get angry.
One week later (about 3 wks since first trim now) Drifter loses his front shoes. I pay $70 for front shoes. I notice Drifter has begun issue we have NEVER come across before. I also asked if it seemed as if drifter was beginning to get some mild thrush in his front feet. He told me nah it was nothing it will go away (turns out it is thrush, and I am treating it)

This basically went on up until 2 weeks ago when he TOLD ME TO MY FACE "some people are against this, but I short shod Drifter just in case he ever over reaches". And he was NONCHALANT about it. Like, "no big deal". I told him then and there I would no longer need his services and went on the hunt for my new farrier.

Now with new farrier there is NO forging, Drifter's angles are getting back to what is good for him, and we have begun to try and strengthen his heels which had begun to atrophy and we are treating the thrush.

Now fast forward to today. My BO chewed me out for using a different farrier than the one who comes to the barn every Tuesday. She said it was costing her money because the barn farrier gave her a cut of what we pay and applies it to her horses so she doesnt have to pay as much. AND THAT REALLY JUST TICKS ME OFF!! :evil: :evil: I proceded to semi lose my cool and told her I was NOT going to pay someone to mess up my horse just because it gave her a discount. I then pointed out that when I had began looking at her barn in the first place, she stated "we have a farrier that comes out every tuesday IF you don't already have one in mind". She then tried to tell me that I would only be allowed to use my new farrier if I was able to work out a deal between him and her. I mean, really?!?! That's not my job, or any of my business. It just frustrates the mess out of me. She kept repeating "its just business, its just biusiness" .. but it seems totally unethical to me.

Granted, my BO is like 78 and very old fashioned and probably wont remember our conversation tomorrow but I just cant quit thinking about it. What would yall do in this situation? Should I just keep using the new farrier until she flat out tells me i shouldnt and then either discuss it with her or leave? I love the place I am at otherwise. I pay 65/month and it is an old english eventing facility. Granted, its not in very good shape but we have fixed up alot of the cross country course and the dressage areana in order to ride and train. With our own money.

I feel liek sometimes she picks on me and the other 6 college students out there because we are the ONLY ones who are every out there. There are about 70 horses on the property and she is constantly complaining that people don't pay their bills and they never come out there blah blah blah...well we pay ours and we are ALWAYS out there taking care of our horses. Its like we're easy targets for her to get angry at.

Anyways, if youve made it this far thanks for sticking with me.I mainly just needed to let this steam out before my head exploded. I have even gone over my boarding contract and there is nothing stating I must use the barn farrier. Would she really be legally able to give me an ultimatum of "barn farrier or get out" ?

waresbear 08-02-2012 10:59 PM

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That first farrier? He could not pay ME to even touch my horse's feet, let alone apply shoes to them. I would tell the senile barn owner you cannot stay in the barn if she expects you to use a malpracticing farrier. Ask her point blank, "Do you want me to change barns, because I am not using your substandard farrier, make your choice & I will make other arrangements". That's how you handle crap like that. Smartens people right up.

katbalu 08-02-2012 11:01 PM

^^^ except be sure you have somewhere else to go...
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Ladytrails 08-02-2012 11:13 PM

I think I'd ignore it and hope that she moves on. If she brought it up again, I'd tell her that you have prices with your new farrier, and if she wants a deal she needs to make it with the farrier. If she's holding the horse for you when you can't be there, that's probably a separate fee that you would expect to have to pay. I don't think she can make you move unless she has something in the contract that covers it, but she might be able to block your new farrier from going onto her property. I'd be interested in what the more experienced boarders say...

DriftingShadow 08-02-2012 11:18 PM

Thank you waresbear. I have been battling with myself over whether I should do that. I was afraid it would be irrational, and paint me in a bad light. But I know beyond a doubt I WILL NOT pay someone to mess up Drifter's hooves. She kept telling me it was because the new farrier was cheaper, and that is why I changed. I told her that was actually just a bonus. I don't care what I am paying for proper care. But I am not shelling out hundreds of dollars to this guy just so he can ruin my horse.

Thank you all. I do have somewhere to go if I need to leave. I would hate to lose the facility, but I would hate to lose my boy even more (of course).

DriftingShadow 08-02-2012 11:26 PM


Originally Posted by Ladytrails (Post 1628364)
I think I'd ignore it and hope that she moves on. If she brought it up again, I'd tell her that you have prices with your new farrier, and if she wants a deal she needs to make it with the farrier. If she's holding the horse for you when you can't be there, that's probably a separate fee that you would expect to have to pay. I don't think she can make you move unless she has something in the contract that covers it, but she might be able to block your new farrier from going onto her property. I'd be interested in what the more experienced boarders say...

I would understand if she or one of their 2 workers was holding Drifter for the farrier, it would be an extra charge but she has NOTHING to do with it. I am ALWAYS there. I want to know what the farrier is doing to Drifter's feet, and why. I drive out in the 100 acre gelding pasture in my own car to get him. I hold him for the farrier. He hot forges, and I provide him water with my own bucket. I made sure I cleaned up afterwards. My other 2 friends who used him also did everything themselves. I just don't understand how she claims he is making money by using her facility so he owes her. I feel like that my board fee per month should give me the right to PROPERLY TAKE CARE OF MY HORSE. Sure, if I ever needed her to feed or anything for me and she charged me..thats ok with me! That makes sense.

But me getting a new farrier because the barn farrier totally messed up Drifter's feet? I don't see how that's us bamboozling her out of money. arrrrrghh people I swear! The thing that gets me the most is the fact she seemed most worried about how it was going to affect HER prices with the old farrier. HELLO?!?! We're not even gonna focus on the HORRIBLE ISSUES my horse was having due to said farrier?!? Hell who cares if Drifter is dead lame and in pain...the Bo is getting her discount!! Drives me insane:evil: Every time I think about it my blood pressure rises. Honestly, if my horse has to go lame in order for her to pay for properly caring for hers (and she always says they have such bad feet...hmm wonder why!) ... I will be out of there as soon as I can pack up and move.

That is just not happening

equiniphile 08-02-2012 11:28 PM

What does your contract say? Does it specify anything about what farrier you can use? I would have a chat with the BO and tell her why you switched farriers and that you'll leave before you switch back.

DriftingShadow 08-02-2012 11:38 PM

I told her I was having issues with Drifter being trimmed. She asked if I had discussed it with him (barn farrier). I said I had indeed. He had responded with "some horses are just lame". And when I pointed out it had all started after his trim he said "now you cant prove that. thats just when it showed up" GRRRR.

All she kept repeating was it was "making her ill" because she was afraid she would lose her great discount. And honestly, I don't care about her discount.

I have looked over my contract and all it says in regards to the farrier is "we have a farrier ___ ___ (his name) who comes to the barn every Tuesday morning. If you would like to use his services please sign his book in the barn office so he knows to shoe your horse."
So nothing about HAVING to use him.

Also, she told me there were a few people at the barn who are using a "natural horse trimmer" or something like that. Forget what she called it. But she said since those few people had gone to that new guy, and now the 6 of us had found a new farrier she was just worried about what it was going to do for her.

When I mentioned I did not want to pay these insane amounts of $$ for poor care that adversely affected my boy (i paid the barn farrier about $600 in just 8 weeks) she said if us using the new farrier got out of hand we would have to trailer up and take our horses somewhere else to get shoes and bring them back and that would "cost me even more money".

I swear. She better be glad my mother raised me to not talk back to the elders. I had to grit my teeth. I think she is being unfair and completely irrational. What kind of person would expect someone to shortchange their horse's healthcare in order for their barn owner to get a discount?

waresbear 08-02-2012 11:41 PM

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Someone who cares more about money than the quality of care for horses would seem to me?

DriftingShadow 08-02-2012 11:47 PM

I agree Waresbear. And like I mentioned before, she always brings up how people owe her insane amounts of money on their bills.

I wish she would just make THEM pay instead of harassing those of us who are actually responsible for our animals and have respect for our contract (pay when board is due, etc).

That attitude she gets about us, referring to us as the young college kids is just really starting to grate on my nerves. Yes I am a college kid, but I am 22 and on my last year. I work and go to school full time in order to pay for Drifter. It is hard, but I do it. I make sure my board bills are always on time, and I do all of his care myself (though that might actually tick her off too, because then she cannot get her extra money out of me by charging me for her having to take care of him).

i just hate when people get the "I am older and therefore more holier than thou" attitude. She treats us like we're kids bumming off our parents who somehow manage to take tests and pass our classes in between smoking and drinking all day. I cant even remember the last time I went out... the barn has become my "social life" so to speak haha.

Sorry for getting a little off topic there. Just another part of my rant :/

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