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kjcoble2678 08-03-2012 04:11 PM

Showing a Gaite TWH in Open/Fun Shows
Hello all,

Firstly, Happy Friday!!

Okay, my question is this, I am currently showing my TWH who is wonderfully gaited with lots of action. I'm placing very well in cones, trail, and classes of that nature. However I am also participating in Western Equitation and Western Pleasure classes and NOT placing very well. I am usually second to last, and the only reason that is the other woman who shows with me, shows a pacey walker, and the other time she showed her green QH who didn't listen at all. I was assured by the show director that she would advise the judge that there could be gaited horses in the classes and they are to be judged accordingly per class, meaning from what she said, they are to be judged just like the trotting horse, except at their gait, and I think we do pretty darn good however placing like I have been in those classes I'm thinking that I need to seriously practice a lot more, and or just accept that it is what it is, and just have fun with it. I do have tons of fun too, but you know, it would be very nice to place higher sometimes, just for a selfesteem boost, lol.

Also I plan on showing at the farm show complex (KILE) and they do have gaited classes that specify the following:

-Gaited Pleasure w/g Open Rider
-Gaited Pleasure w/g/c Open Rider
-Gaited Equitation w/g Open Rider
-Gaited Equitation w/g/c Open Rider

Specifics are:
*Gaited - Any horse that demonstrates another gait instead of the trot. May be exihibited in any type of tack.

For this show, I'm was thinking of riding in western apparel. But I don't know. This is the first somewhat bigger show that I will be doing and not to mention how nervous I am, but I would like to get opinions as to what tack YOU THINK would be the majority and or what type tack do you think I would place the best riding in?

Any advice is appreciated!!!

Also, is there any gaited riders out there that will be there (Sept 29 - 30) Farm Show Complex Harrisburg, PA,,,,,if so, what will you be wearing?

Some other advice I need help on, is how to teach my boy to canter well? When I ask for it, he will eventually get there, but at first he takes the bit and goes faster and bucks. I just recently purchased a med port bit with copper roller to see if that helps.

My other question is how to teach him to "PARK OUT"?

Kelly XOXOXO:hug:

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