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MLShunterjumper 08-05-2012 01:18 PM

What Should I Do In This Situation?
Hi everyone, I was just wondering what to do in a situation like this one...

At one of the shows I went to, there was a sign in front of the warm-up ring that read in huge red letters ABSOLUTELY NO LUNGING. Impossible to miss. And yet, the first day of my classes, we got to the warm-up ring and saw someone lunging her horse in the ring. Not only that, but she clearly didn't know how to lunge, she was yelling at the horse, flapping the lunge line (which was SUPER loose) and chasing the horse with the whip. No one, except the riders warming up, seemed to notice, and wee just had to bear with it. But then, the lunging girl chased her horse right into the rail, where he collided with another horse. That was when my trainer reported the girl lunging, and the girl was asked (none too patiently) to leave, to everyone's relief.

So my question is, what happens if I'm warming up at a show without my trainer there and something like this happens? I'm not an adult, so I don't know if I should report anything on my own, but I don't think anything like that should be left alone. The horses and rider involved in the collision were ok, but it could have been much worse...

Just let me know if I'm overreacting, I'm new to showing so I probably haven't seen the worst:-)

spurstop 08-05-2012 01:44 PM

You can say "Hi, just so you know there is no longeing in this arena."

Or you can ask someone with the show to let her know.

uflrh9y 08-06-2012 09:58 PM

I would just let the ring master or someone in the show office know. Most of the time when I saw someone like that at a show, I would just ignore it and either warm up at the other end of the ring or find another space. There are people at shows who are supposed to be in charge of what happens in the ring, I prefer to focus on me and my horse unless someone is directly affecting me. But if you really fel strongly about something, let the office know.

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