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xJumperx 08-05-2012 08:36 PM

Mixing Feed - Bad Combo?
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Hello :)

Okay, let's get some backstory in here, and then what I'm actually asking -

Meet Cowboy. He is a Brown OTTB of 4 years. Never actually raced, but trained. The people before his previous owner didn't give him the nutrition and care he needed, allowing him to get about 1000 or so pounds underweight, and a rainrotted coat. 5 months later, he has gained 500 lbs and no more rainrot!
The feed he has been on is 12% protein, 5% fat. It's ->
Purina Horseman's Edge (12% Protein)

Along with his Horseman's Edge, he also gets MSM Joint Supplement, a little Paprika (to help blacken him up), and Horseshoer's Secret for his poor feet. Now we are trying to get his weight up the rest of the way, so we are combining a bit of ->
Purina Ultium
to go with his current feed. So now he is getting this, give or take a little in measurment ->

1.5 lbs Horseman's Edge
3/4 lbs Ultium

1.5 lbs Horseman's Edge
3/4 lbs Ultium
Scoop Horseshoer's Secret
Scoop MSM
1/9 cup Paprika

My question is - are there any dangers to this feeding ration? Is this too much of anything for Cowboy? Too little? I really don't want to hurt him, which is why I'm getting assurance here. It was our new (amazing!) trainer whom recommended adding the Ultium. Was she right in her call? She mainly works with OTTBs, and returning them to be Hunters, which is exactly what we are doing with Cowboy.

Thank You all so much :)

Lins 08-05-2012 09:31 PM

He gained 500 pounds in 5 months? And was 1000 pounds underweight? U gotta be exaggerating, no way in he// could he have been 1000 pounds underweight. You're best bet is to discuss this with an equine nutritionist.
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xJumperx 08-05-2012 09:48 PM

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Sorry, I may be a bit off in weight!! Or a lot, I'm not quite sure ... Sorry to sound so immature and dumb :p

Either way, that's really not what I'm asking ;) I simply asked to be sure that I can't do any harm in mixing his feeds as I am. And where could I find an equine nutritionist?

HowClever 08-05-2012 09:56 PM

Yep, I would say your estimation of his weight is quite a bit out, seeing as most thoroughbreds only weigh between 1000-1200 pounds.

That said, I can not offer advice on the feeds as I am in Australia and have never heard of them. I did want to ask though is he getting hay? If so, how much?The most important component of a horse's diet is roughage. On average you should be feeding roughly 2% of the horse's ideal bodyweight in good quality hay. More if you are trying to put weight on.
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loosie 08-05-2012 10:50 PM

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Firstly, as HowClever said, roughage is very important & if he hasn't got decent grazing, I'd ensure he had free choice - or at least 2-3%bwt in hay. I'd also be mixing the concentrated feed with a fair bit of roughage too - chaff, beet pulp, etc. Little & often feeding is best, especially if you're feeding starchy/sugary feeds, so more than twice daily if at all possible, or keep quantity down if not.

You also don't want to fatten a horse too quickly, so whatever the weight, if he's gained a fair bit already in the last few months, I'd just keep doing what you're doing & not try to pack it into him.

Re what you're feeding, that Ultium doesn't look too bad(tho I don't like 'wheat middlings'(meaning by product) being second on the ingreds list. Horseman's Edge is a cheap sweet feed though & I'd personally change to something healthier. There are too many 'products' in it for a start; processed grain bty-products, grain products, roughage products, molasses products, plant protein products... and too much grain, as well as it also being sweetened with 'molasses products'.

As for nutritional balance, you'll have to do a diet analysis for that, to see what exactly your horse needs & what he's getting from his diet & supps. I'd look for an independent(one that doesn't work for a feed co) equine nutritionist, or use a program such as to work it out yourself - & they also have nutritionists on call to fire specific questions at.

eclipseranch 08-05-2012 11:03 PM


Originally Posted by xJumperx (Post 1632262)
Sorry, I may be a bit off in weight!! Or a lot, I'm not quite sure ... Sorry to sound so immature and dumb :p

Either way, that's really not what I'm asking ;) I simply asked to be sure that I can't do any harm in mixing his feeds as I am. And where could I find an equine nutritionist?

no biggie..your msg that your horse was/is underweight is understood. to answer your ?? are you going to "harm" your horse probably not a concern...but more importantly is the variety the right mix for the nutritional needs of your horse ..your best bet is to check with your vet..there are many reasons for a horse to be under weight, ulcers, parasites,teeth are some of the obvious ones...Ultium & Edge are both Purina quality feeds your vet can guide you on amnt as well...just at a glance I would ask if it is enough...mine get 1 full scoop (3lbs) twice/day and they are not in need of weight gain plus as the poster above stated forage is a major portion of a horses diet...check with your vet about the best type of hay as well...they are different in protein, etc just like grain

Gallopingiggles 08-05-2012 11:12 PM

Whatever your doing Cowboy looks great to me,he's beautiful if those are current pictures.


xJumperx 08-05-2012 11:54 PM

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@Gallopinggiggles - Thank you :) The 2 with his flymask are recent, as is the one that is mostly grass. The one where I am holding him, and the one he is grazing toward the camera are old, took them the day I got him.

@HowClever - He is getting as much hay as we can fit in him :) Free choice. Quality varies, but I try to get the good hay out of the loft when I can reach it. So mostly good, but sometimes mediocre. Never bad quality - we inspect before we buy.
P.S - About estimation of weight - Oh, I feel really dumb now x.x

@loosie - See, I do have slight issues with Purina too. Pretty much all of their feeds have a bunch of byproducts. The problem? There is one feed store within 100 miles of backroads is Purina only. So, we are more or less stuck with Purina :p The parents really don't like driving x.x When I get my own car in a few years, I promise, I'll be making that trip to get Triple Crown or something of the sort.

Okay, as to why I believe I was so off - My trainer said she'd like about 500 more lbs on him. He's already gained quite a lot of weight before we took him there - as in, he went from sunken in flanks and every rib count to almost-there flanks to only about 3 ribs, unless he stretches.

HowClever 08-06-2012 12:09 AM

Sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel dumb!

Fantastic that he is on free choice hay! That is the best thing for him. Another thing to check would be his teeth.

As far as feeds, like I said I'm flying blind.
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xJumperx 08-06-2012 04:55 PM

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@HowClever Lol, no worries, it doesn't take much anymore ;)
Glad to know I'm getting something down! :D

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