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AnnaT 08-06-2012 05:16 AM

A Day at the Beach
Pictures I took at the beach the other day on my phone (wow lol!), some of these I am actually kind of pleased with its a pity my camera is broken so I have to use this rubbish phone. These are also kind of progress photos for Harry, I've had him about 1 year and...4-5 months, here he is ridden by his jumping buddy on the bareback pad with a numnah underneath, here too is my friend with her irish cob Charlie.

Harry waiting to leave, decided to see how he would react to travel boots, he is so golden he didn't care at all when we put them on him or anything, he's never had anything wrapped around his legs before.

Heading out into the sea, they went pretty far. Harry used to be scared of water and recently we've had tons of rain so I've been working a lot in puddles and when he went this time he loved the sea, so proud.

Then we noticed something coming out of the sea, it was a man (mermaid man?!) the sea was FREEZING. He came out of the sea just to ask if horses like water cause he was starting horse riding, he was nice but Harry thought he was some kind of alien.

Cantering alongside the water

Jumping, or whatever Harry was doing, over the wee river.

Off for a wee gallop

We were out there for hours and Harry was perfect, he is just brilliant on rougher terrain, we had a branch up to jump and he didn't even come close to touching it which was a nice change! They got chased by quite a few dogs which is the disadvantage to that beach.
Harrys fitness really comes out when he's out and about, he was just getting started when we were leaving where as Charlie was knackered, Harry is fab and all that fitness training really paid off!

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