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PunksTank 08-06-2012 12:20 PM

Running a Horse Rescue
A day in the life

It's 8 in the morning as I roll out of bed to the sound of my alarm - I am not upset or grouchy. I quickly change and check on all the small creatures in my home - all is as it should be. My ferrets are sleeping still - Sid and Firefly have their little faces mooshed together. Kharma is sleeping in her little pink elephant while her baby sister, Guinness, chews up the elephant's crinkly ear.
I head off for my 40 minute ride to work, my radio isn't working so I play my music through my tiny iphone speaker. But still I am content.
I arrive at the barn to the bellowing and hollering of 17 very hungry horses. I chipperly return their calls with a big loud "Are you hungry?! I can't hear you!!". Yes they are, they answer me- over and over until every last one has hay and grain in front of them. Except Solomon, He gets hay cubes.
Solomon waiting patiently for his cubes:

I go about cleaning the two outside stalls. After quickly dusting off my dirty mare I soak her in fly spray - she gives me that look of disapproval over the tickly spray. I return to the barn to get water for the outside barn and see Solomon's sweet old face pleading to me for hay cubes - OH NO! I forgot to soak them! I quickly fill up his bucket of hay cubes and tell him he has to wait until they're soaked - he looks so sad. I apologize to him again and again until I make right by sneaking him a few pieces of candy.
The day is becoming blisteringly hot - the horse/furnaces are making the barn intolerable. We quickly put out the hottest horses in the shadiest spots. We return to the boiling barn and labor over cleaning their stalls. We empty and wash their heavy water buckets and refill them with clean cool water. When the stalls are done we bring the horses back in for their lunch. One at a time we hose them off, scrubbing the dirt and grease off each of them before placing them in their stalls where fans will cool and dry them. We continue standing in the sun hosing more horses.
The heat is intolerable but the work is done. We complain all day about the heat and the work. But we laugh at farm jokes and compare horse related stories all day. We are so miserable - but so happy.
I finally stop to eat my own lunch as I watch Nina donate her own face washing water bucket to clean Gabriel's sweaty, greasy behind. He has melinoma's on his bum and needs diaper rash lotion. I look on and begin to wonder... Why do we love these animals so much? I finally give up eating my lunch after Gabriel sneezed on it a few too many times.
Gabriel being catered too:

I get up and head out to see my ponies. I dust off my pony Diamond and give him a good rub, he loves his neck being scratched. I go on to groom my mare more thoroughly this time. She has rolled - Oh good! She stands politely while I scratch her every itch and we get in a small argument over whether or not she really needs to let me pick up her feet for me to clean - I won, I always win. I lather her in cream to relieve her very itchy belly and neck. She tries to groom me back, occasionally with soft nibbles (Ouch!). I kiss her velvetty nose and go back to the barn.
Tank enjoying chest scratches:

The floor is swept and the feed buckets are all laid out on the floor, 3 buckets for each horse, 2 for each pony. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the horses - just breakfast and dinner for the ponies. Except our old men horses, they get 2 lunches to keep their weight up.
Oh no! Butterfly is hot!! We take her out and she stands in the aisle between Pink and June Bug where the fan is to cool off. We are never where the fans are on - it will stir up too much dust.
Bug and Butterfly nuzzling:

We feed our horses and ponies and finally sit down. Watching them eat and finally enjoying the quiet of their happy munching. We admire their beauty and just emit love. Yes it was all worth it today - and it will be tomorrow too.
I can list reasons to love horses for hours, they are kind, they have unconditional love for all who seek it, they want nothing more than to be with us, their humans.
I don't know why I love them so, but I have and will devote everything I have to them - and I will complain when it's almost 100 degrees or when there's 3 feet of snow - but the horses will always be cared for and will always be loved.

~Jessica at Eye of the Storm Equine Rescue
Eye of the Storm Equine Rescue

DancingArabian 08-06-2012 12:59 PM

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Great story!

If your car has a cassette player you can buy a tape adapter for your iPhone and play iPhone through your car speakers. It was like $5 at Walmart. It's a cassette that you pop in and it has a cable that plugs in to the phone.

There's also one that uses an FM radio station to do the same but it's staticky and your radio isn't working so that won't help you.

You can also buy an external speaker for $5-$20 for your iPhone.
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PunksTank 08-06-2012 01:06 PM

Lol thanks Dancing Arabian -I ended up getting an ipod for my birthday that I can use now xD

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