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Angilina 08-15-2008 03:42 AM

What are the items you buy most often?
All year round, what are the items you buy the most? I'm talking tack, different kinds of barn supplies, fly spray, sheets, crops, whips, gloves, liniment, bits, brow bands, saddle pads, repair stuff, saddle oil and soap, etc. I'm excluding feed, supplements and hay, here, so everything other than that. I was thinking about this the other day and I realized that I buy another hoof pick every other week. Either a dog chews off the handle, or it goes *poof*. The same with halters, though those usually are run over by a tractor.

So what about you guys? What do you buy most often for your four legged buddies? What about least often? Every now and again?


kitten_Val 08-15-2008 06:44 AM

I'd rephrase with not what you buy most often, but how much you pay. :) I buy hay twice a year, but pay SO MUCH every time that it would cover dewormers till the end of my horse's lifes. :roll:

Generally I try to buy in package. For example I buy dewormers for at least 6 month (because in this case delivery is free lol!). Also fly sprays. I think I buy the carrots most often for them (every week or two). Everything else not so much.

jazzyrider 08-15-2008 07:54 AM

i dont really have to buy too much tack. i keep all my brushes, hoof picks etc in a grooming box thingy and put it all back every time. halters last me forever as they are only ever on when we are there doing things with them. they never have them on when they are out in the paddock. even still i have about 11 halters in 3 horses lol i keep seeing ones i like so i just get them :)

the things i buy most of are shampoos, conditioners, hoof grease, fly spray, wormers (of course lol), baby wipes (for keeping eyes, muzzle, nostrils etc clean), fly veils cause they cant seem to keep them in one piece for longer than a week :roll:, summer rugs for the same reason as they fly veils and stuff like show shine and other stuff for pretty-fying them for shows.

upnover 08-15-2008 09:37 AM

Well, other then bottled stuff (like fly spray or show sheen) I feel like I'm always replacing my boots, breeches, and half chaps! I pretty much live in these three things, buy the top quality, and they last me about a year? (maybe a year and a half?) So maybe that's not all that frequently, but it's darn expensive and i hate replacing them so often!

mudypony 08-15-2008 10:44 AM

I always seem to be buying horse treats all the time. Also, fly spray, shampoo, conditioner, show sheen, and detangler. This past year we had to buy Brickens all new blankets because the one's he came with all broke or lost their waterproofing or took years to dry after a storm. Oh and breeches too. They always fall apart the second they touch my body.

The things I probably buy least often is bridles, breastplates, and saddles (although I just had to get a new saddle because my other one was way too small, but hopefully this one will last me till I die). Also, I barely ever buy riding stuff for me like gloves, jackets, etc besides breeches, I get a lot of stuff given to me.

PoptartShop 08-15-2008 12:07 PM

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Yeah, horse treats definitely! :D Halters too...halters are number one, LOL! :lol: They're fun to buy.
Fly spray as well, can never have too much of that. I buy new riding gloves about 3 times a year, I find the leather lasts long!

Jubilee Rose 08-15-2008 12:09 PM

I'm on my 3rd bottle of fly spray just this summer!! It's ridiculous. I also tend to buy brushes alot because I think they're so much fun. I'm also crazy about halters. Lol.

JustDressageIt 08-15-2008 12:30 PM

Uhhh... I work at a tack shop, and not a week has gone by that I don't buy something. (Even if it's little like a $0.99 hoof pick.)
I find since I work at the tack store, I only buy little things, one at a time so I'm not spending a fortune all at once... haha
The thing I have left to completely overhaul is my grooming box.... I have a feeling I'm going to be buying a new set of brushes in the near(ish) future.
My list of tack crap is so long, I don't know I'll be able to fit all of it into my brand new tack box!! I might have to have an online garage sale!
And yet.. and yet... I still buy more.
Right now (as a birthday gift... thank you to someone special!) I have 2 pairs of Ariat boots on order, and someone else has treated me to a sheepskin half pad.... I think I should be set for a while..

..ooh, but we just got new halters in....!!


o0hawaiigirl0o 08-15-2008 04:07 PM

I find that the two things I buy the most are fly spray and carrots. ;)

Angilina 08-15-2008 06:01 PM

I have 8 horses, and I have to buy a new bottle of fly spray every week, if I'm lucky! Three of them are 16hh+, so there is a lot of surface area to cover. And it seems I'm perpetually out of detangler, treats, baby wipes and shampoo. Then again, I always feel like I'm out of just about everything. I can never find my longe whip (don't ask me why, it's 6' tall and bright purple but it's always MIA) or the right sized halter. Four of my guys have to have large halters, and one I can barely fit a draft on.

Thanks for the answers!

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