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SorrelHorse 08-07-2012 02:29 AM

Do they make these?
So my Mom is always complaining about how carryingher pistol on the trail is a pain because the holster she has to go around her waist is awkward to ride in.

I wanted to get her something for her birthday which is in september. Admittedly I already bought her a Hello Kitty giant stuffy (She's obsessed :lol:) but I figured that since my Dad is always panicking and having me snoop around for something to get her I would just buy him something to give her from "him". :lol:

Soooo, long story short, do they make a gun holster that goes on your saddle?

blue eyed pony 08-07-2012 03:03 AM

If your gun is attached to your saddle it will do you no good at all if you end up separated from your horse!!

Better, I think, would be something that you can strap across your shoulders/around your chest, but idk if such things are legal? I think it probably depends on your state, seems many things in the USA vary from state to state!

lilkitty90 08-07-2012 06:08 AM

my mom uses a "paddle" holster. it doesn't look comfortable. but it really is. it slips into the waistband on of your pants, and it does NOT move, or pinch. i'd look into those and see if it is her style.

walkinthewalk 08-07-2012 07:16 AM

Big Ditto on NOT attaching the pistol to the saddle. I have never attached anything to the saddle that I really cared about losing:-|

From my own experience, I don't advice a shoulder holster either<--bulky, uncomfortable and, it was awkward for me to quickly get the pistol. I ended up throwing my shoulder holster in the garbage.

I've looked at the holsters that attach to the waistband of your pants. They make a lot of sense but, paranoid fretter that I am, I have visions of it somehow coming off the pants - lol It is something to consider, however:D

In the end, I only have a .38 Snub, so I carry it in my fanny pack (a/k/a b***h bag) that is attached around my waist; that and my cell phone and some form ID that isn't a credit card or my drvier's license --- just in case I do off my horse and get knocked out:D

gunslinger 08-07-2012 07:16 AM

How about a nice shoulder holster?

PintoTess 08-07-2012 07:36 AM

I had no idea you were even allowed to carry a gun out riding!

Faceman 08-07-2012 08:00 AM


Originally Posted by PintoTess (Post 1634029)
I had no idea you were even allowed to carry a gun out riding!

I always carry a gun when trail riding. Part of it is you never know what you might run across, but the other part is what happens if you get into an accident and your horse gets very seriously injured. I would not want to leave a horse to suffer for hours and hours till I could get back...

walkinthewalk 08-07-2012 08:02 AM


Originally Posted by PintoTess (Post 1634029)
I had no idea you were even allowed to carry a gun out riding!

We are all talking serious trail riding - in remote areas. Not the Metro Park Systems.

I've carried a gun since the early 80's when I ran into a neighbor and his wife, on an abandoned railroad bed. He asked if I carry a pistol, I said no, he said "better start" and proceeded to tell me about a couple fellas they ran into that weren't even from our county.

No doubt poachers but who knows what else they might think up when they see a lone female on horseback out in the deep woods.

That doesn't mean everybody and their sister should start carrying a gun.

Most likely, the contributors to this thread are all experienced gun handlers; I was raised in a hunting family where guns are second nature and "don't point it unless you plan on using it" prevails:-)

mls 08-07-2012 08:34 AM

lilkitty90 08-07-2012 10:01 AM

here is the paddle i was referring to

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