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CMC 08-07-2012 01:38 PM

Horse Trainers' Timelines
I am getting a brood mare "finished." A friend's daughter volunteered, who is truly a "horse whisperer."(She's in high school.) The problem is that she is taking awhile to get the job done. :? I have been told that a professional trainer would take her on his property, and work her every day for about a month, for what she needs done. (She's well trained in ground work, and is use to a saddle.) I am wondering what are the norms in training. How long should it take? What's a normal charge?

Thanks for your insight!

longshot 08-07-2012 02:18 PM

Ok I will forgo the high school horse whisperer comments.. in training horses you get what you pay for IF YOU KEEP AN EYE on the trainer. Getting "a friend's daughter" to train your horse (horsewhisperer or not) is like getting your neighbor to do your dental work.. in other words don't expect much. If she messes your horse up, you have no recourse. If you want a professional outcome, hire a professional.. if not you get what you get. This girl has absolutely no incentive to get your horse finished even if she is qualified. So I guess it takes as long as it takes, if you get a professional you get to help establish a timeline. At least you didn't get "a friend's son" to do it, highschool boys have the attention span of a goldfish... lol My advice? Bring your horse home and get a professional trainer to work with you to tune it up.

DancingArabian 08-07-2012 02:36 PM

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Even a professional trainer cannot guarantee a specific outcome in a specific amount of time in the short term. I don't know what arrangement you made with her or if you're paying her. We can't say if the horse is being stubborn or if the girl is over her head or even if the horse is being worked enough and correctly or worked at all.

If you're unhappy with her services and you didn't have any agreement, call it off, get your horse and send the horse to a pro.
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Failbhe 08-07-2012 02:57 PM

Even with a professional trainer, it varies from horse to horse. I used the same trainer six or seven years ago for a very mean, stubborn gelding. He was there for two months and went from useless and possibly homicidal to a passably useable horse - he could be tacked up, ridden at a walk (and if you were lucky a trot), he would stop, back, and turn very well, but don't ask him to lope. I visited him at the trainer's facility numerous times and was very happy with his work - while he wasn't exactly a push-button horse at the end of it, he was useable when I would have given up on him.

This spring I took a halter-broke mare to the same guy. She was there for six weeks, and now she rides like a dream, stopping, spinning on hind or front, backing, sidepassing, walking, trotting, loping - she's still a little green, but he did more with her in those six weeks than I ever could have. Same trainer, two different results.

I know a couple others have already expressed concern about using a neighbour's daughter, so I won't harp on it, but I'd definitely advocate taking a horse to an experienced professional with good references.

CMC 08-07-2012 11:38 PM

Thank you all for your insight! I did just call a professional, recommended trainer, and am waiting for his response.

ioconner 08-08-2012 03:52 PM

Great...I am glad you did. Every horse is different and in no way can you say this horse will be dead broke in 30 days or so. Each horse processes information and progresses at their own pace. Push it too fast and you end up with some holes. I think it sounds like you have doubts in this girl already and using a professional will help ease your mind some. Stay involved in the training process and try to visit as often as possible!

nikelodeon79 08-08-2012 06:14 PM

A big reason why I stopped training was because owners would expect horses to be "dead broke" after 30 days.

The professional trainers put 30 days on the horse and it'll be rideable, but nowhere near finished and not suitable for a beginner. The only way to finish a horse is with hours in the saddle, and you don't want to sour a horse by working it too hard.

I sent a mare back to her owners' because after a week with her I could see (1) they had misrepresented her prior level of training and (2) their expectations for her (kids' mount) were unrealistic. They ended up taking her to a trainer who was willing to beat her into submission and they were happy with the result. Sad.

I stopped training for another lady because she also expected miracles overnight, and treated her horses like spoiled children. Awhile later she invited me back to show all the progress she'd been able to make by herself and got to watch a previously sweet tempered horse charge and attempt to run over her in the round pen. She'd run out of the pen, then cautiously enter again just to have a repeat performance. She'd never mistreated or whipped the horse... she'd simply taught him that if he bullied her, he got what he wanted.

Two very different scenarios but with similar end results: ruined horses.

CMC 08-19-2012 12:26 PM

Again, thank you for all your insight. My concern is having the horse trained in a appropriate period of time. I don't want it "broke," just trained. She is sweet, willing to please, and I don't want her to lose her spirit.

Elizabeth Bowers 08-19-2012 12:34 PM

Subbing this is very useful info. I'm going through a similer predicament, except my mare is going to be 5.... :)

canterburyhorsetrailrider 08-19-2012 04:17 PM

Man o Man..........I read one after the other, after the other,stories of people sending their horse to a trainer.....

Poor bloody horses...... is all I can say and I am not one to swear normally...

For god sake.... ten times out of nine..... its the bloody riders who need to go to a trainer, to get all the crap out of their heads about horse behavour and riding..

No wonder so so so many horses have behaviour issues being around people with a little knowledge, gained from talking to someone else who probably knows squat as well....

These poor horses just become totally confused and just then deciding that they need to defend themselves..

To take one horse from green to school master, requires one...... person and one person only who has knowledge and that one person will take over a year to bring said horse on......

For god sake. if you want a horse that is push button like I read...... buy a push bike.....

I write this in defence of the multitude of poor mistrained horses..... god help them...!

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