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corgi 08-07-2012 06:43 PM

Is it time to cut back on her grain?
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I got Isabella the first week of February. She had previously been purchased at a polo pony sale by someone that ended up practically starving her. She was seized and given to someone who would feed her properly. I got her from those people. One vet told me she was 13...another vet said she was 23. I split the difference and say she is 18! :lol:

She definitely needed groceries when I got her. The BO has been feeding her Fat and Fiber grain, twice a day. (One scoop, twice a day...I know a scoop isn't an exact measurement but it is a large scoop...have no idea what it weighs) During the winter, she was fed she can just graze.

For the longest time, I was worried about getting weight on her. Now I am starting to worry that she is gaining too much. Some of that may be muscle since I have been riding her 2/3 times a week.

She is my first horse. Do you think I need to cut back on her grain..or even change it to something lighter?

First pic was taken the first time I went to see her in the middle of January. The second pic was taken last week.

CLaPorte432 08-07-2012 07:09 PM

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I would. Shes looking really good. Grain isnt the greatest for horses, hay/grass is much better since its what a horse is designed to eat.

Especially if she looks like that and shes not getting hay. Yes, i think its time to cut grain by half. I typically feed grain only in winter to keep extra weight on. Spring/summer/early fall, its typically not needed and my horses get fat only on pasture.

(This year is an exception due to the drought)
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SaddleStrings 08-07-2012 10:35 PM

Wow! What a difference! She looks to be in great condition. I'd say it's time to start pulling her off the grain. Slowly decrease the amount everyday and see if she holds on to the weight with less an less grain. Great job rehabing her!

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