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canchaser 08-08-2012 12:38 PM

Caring for a very minor tendon injury?
My mare has just been diagnosed with very minor tendonitis in her front left. My vet said not to worry, and to just take it easy for a few weeks. He did not provide me with any other advice (:-|) and so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for how I can care for her? There is no heat or swelling, he only noticed because she flinched a little when he put pressure on the tendon. She is not lame and does not hesitate to run a bit in the field to catch up with her friends when I put her out, but I did notice a difference in how she rides. So she doesn't seem to be in terrible pain, but I would still like to make sure she heals up well to prevent this from happening again. Thanks in advance!:D

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