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haleyo 08-10-2012 11:18 PM

I need help with my horses diet plan after colic surgery,please!
My horse Regent just went through a traumatic tosion colic a month ago where his colon got lodged between his kidney and his spleen, and had surgery (which has a 50% chance recovery rate). I personally believe that it was not "sporadic", but was most likely from his lifestyle conditions over the past 6 months. Ever since I have owned him the last 4 yrs he has been in a mostly pasture scenario, until January 2012 I moved him to mostly stall/paddock. He was recieving hay as well as 9lbs strategy with sweet fed per day (no grazing) and little work. I believe gas and acid due to lack of movement and forage caused his colon to twist.

Nonetheless, I am just now starting to educate myself on the importance of a natural lifestyle for a horse (no grain,grazing,movement,etc.). But I need help. I do not want to go against what common horse people and even vets say (high starch/sugar grain-based diet) without the correct education myself.

So I need help determining what I should feed him right now before I move him in a couple of weeks to a small paddock on a lush pasture (where he will later be turned out on for good). He is currently getting 1/3 bale coastal hay, about 4lbs strategy, and about an hour of grazing a day (granite, the grass here is pretty much dead).

I am trying to wean him off of the grain, but I want to make sure he is getting enough calories since he is not on a pasture yet. I am also afraid he will not be prepared enough for fresh grass when i do move him.

He is a 16.2 thoroughbred on stall/paddock rest (no work)


thanks so much!

DancingArabian 08-10-2012 11:22 PM

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I think this is something best discussed with your vet, because s/he knows your horse and your situation.

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