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SEAmom 08-11-2012 01:11 AM

Measuring for a tree size
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So, I've posted before about my search for a western saddle for that crazy horse of mine. Well, I did some research online and everything I saw said to do a shap of the withers/shoulder area with a flexible curve. Well, I went out on Friday and did that and now it's sitting in all of it's shaped glory...on top of my fridge. I've been trying to find where I read how to use that to measure for a gullet size, but I can't seem to find that again. I have seen where they say to trace it on a piece of cardboard or heavy stock paper and take it to a saddle fitter or tack shop. None of those are within 30 minutes of my house and I have a hard enough time getting out to the barn let alone anywhere else. Not to mention that I wouldn't know what to do at a tack store when surrounded by western saddles and holding my cardboard cutout, kwim?

So, I'm wondering if anyone on here knows how I can use that flexible curve that I shaped to measure for the right gullet size or any ideas that wouldn't involve driving 30 miles one way (gotta love that big city living). I figure that's a really good step in the right direction of finding a saddle to fit my awkwardly shaped boy.

SouthernTrails 08-11-2012 06:54 AM


Of course taking a reverse cut out of the wither tracing is a good way to get an idea,
but here is a set of templates you can print out to try one your Horse, they of course are averages for the tree sizes, but will give you an idea of what tree size you need.


SEAmom 08-11-2012 10:18 AM

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Thanks for that link! I tried doing a reverse cut, but I don't know where on that cut I'd measure, lol. I was at a loss for the next step. Those templates should be very helpful. I'm printing them now.

Saddlebag 08-11-2012 08:45 PM

I used a piece of coat hanger wire to measure my TWH behind the shoulder blades. I bent it to fit the withers then bent it to fit him. Yikes, 3" below center, then measured across he's 12". I used the templates and according to them he's extra wide.

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