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ohmyitschelle 08-11-2012 06:14 AM

Winter Water Fun with Seoul and Honey!
It's winter here in New Zealand at present, and where I live we've had a large dumping of rain in the past couple of weeks. Today was apparently the only day in the next seven days where it wasn't forecast for rain :evil: The winter blues are hitting hard.

Where we board our horses, it's 24/7 paddock grazing. The property gets a lot of surface water sitting on top, and most parts don't turn overtly muddy but it can be slippery. I've attempted to ride in my riding paddock (we all have our own sections of land we took for ourselves and maintain and then the unused land is communal use) but it's just too slippery in some areas.

So my best friend (new member ohmysem) and I, not wanting to give up our usual Saturday of riding since we've had to over the past couple of weeks give up on riding times, decided to each have a ride out on the property land. It was much safer out there, though there were some hairy bits too with a bit of slippery mud. For Sem, she's new to riding and has a very patient mount, Seoul. Today was her first proper play in water, and Seoul eventually stopped skirting the edges and got in it. And when I rode my mare Honey, not only was it another milestone under our belts in riding out in open spaces for the second time ever (long story involving an accident in 2009 that I seem to bring up far too much on these boards :lol:) but she really settled into her work out the back, despite golfers yelling in the park behind us, paintballers yelling and shooting one another adjoined to the golf park, birds popping up out of the long grass (Honey's pet peeve) and just the nature of being in a "different" place. It made me really realise that our goals for showing later this year are becoming real.

However, the highlight I'm sure for Honey was playing in the water and splashing it with her feet repeatedly like a toddler playing in a bath with its toys :wink:

Enough babbling, here's the photos!

Sem & Seoul...

Cheating and skirting the water!


Myself & Honey...

Splash Time! (Like to point out the fencing in the background isn't mine.)

Still playing, it was a ridiculous amount of water to play in, we had just been through deeper stuff before this.

Darn it blurring!


Whilst I wish for access to an arena - I guess plodding around the farm and playing in water can be equally fun! Thanks for looking!

ohmysem 08-11-2012 06:19 AM

You guys really did look like it was so much fun, Honey was so cute splashing about in the puddles. ^_^

And yeah, once I got over the fact of going into water & Seoul actually went in, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. ^_^


SaddleStrings 08-11-2012 01:42 PM

What a beautiful place you have there in NZ! Looks like fun to ride around the field. How cold is it in NZ now? It's a little cooler here in Utah today, due to a rainstorm that rolled through last night. But it's still a hot 85*F day. I'll take cool weather any day.

StellaIW 08-11-2012 02:15 PM

It looks like our summer! This years it has been raining almost every day.

tinyliny 08-11-2012 06:21 PM

Funny how horses like to play in water.

ohmyitschelle 08-12-2012 03:09 AM

@ohmysem; Thanks hun, didn't realise you had commented on this haha!

@SaddleStrings; Thank you. I get quite a few comments for the backdrops in my photos... I have to admit my ponies live in a nice setting with all the hills in the background - just a shame they decided to build a golf course and now a paintballing zone on the swamp land behind the farm - such a nuisance! At present it's 7.4 degrees C (45.32 F apparently) and that's relatively normal for our winters... most nights it's in the -1 or -2 area. It's pretty cold though. Yesterday was an exception as the sun was out and it was quite pleasantly warm. A shame as today since I woke up its been nonstop downpour :-(

@StellaIW; I can assure you that our summers are nicer than the above, and the sun eluded the imagery of season change haha... it was blimmin' wet, mucky and yuck hehe.

@Caroline; isn't it just! I find it hilarious when horses refuse to go in the water but once in they play. It's like, weren't you just throwing a big tanty about wet feet before?! I'm quite thankful that whilst Honey does request to play in water (normally when I least expect it like yesterday since she had been in deeper water just before her play time) she doesn't skirt around it but happily plods in. She's a bit of a water baby haha!

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