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starfia 08-11-2012 10:39 AM

What facilities does your barn have?
How much does it cost per week/month to board your horse? (if you have it boarded OR how much do you charge others for boarding)

What facilities does your barn have?
What facilities would you like it to have, that it doesn't already?

I'm really interested to see what different places charge. I'll post mine too :)


It costs £22 per week for a back stable (smaller), and £27 per week for a front stable (large) at our yard.

We have:
- a picnic and BBQ area
- Miles of hacking (direct access to bridle ways)
- Jumps paddock (on grass)
- Sand ménage with dressage markers (flood light)
- Jumping and lunging ménage (flood light)
- Big events held on the yard
- Toilets!
- 50 acres of grazing
- all year round turn out
- 2 x sick paddocks
- Electric security gates
- Horse Box and Trailer Storage
- Weekly hay and Straw Delivery
- DIY, Full and Part time livery.
- Veterinary approved worming program

Facilities I would like:

-Place to wash my horse (at the moment we have to drag huge buckets of water over to bath out horses!)
-Inside school (when it rains I don't get much riding time, which it does a lot in England!!)

That's all I miss really. But it's not things I cannot cope without lol!


How about you guys :)

jfisher256 08-11-2012 12:33 PM

Facilities at my barn include:

-Two large barns, one for boarders and one for stable owned horses. (130 stalls total)
-A 220x90ft outdoor lighted arena.
-A 250x90ft heated indoor arena (between the two barns, attached)
-Miles of trails
-A few state parks are within a 30 minute driving distance (not part of the facilities but a nice perk)
-130 acres of pasture
-Turnout year round
-2 large Matted wash stalls
-Private/locked tack and dressing rooms
-Large cross country course adjacent to the facilities
-Horse show office (they host tons of rated shows throughout the year)
-A small restaurant for rated show days attached to the main barn
-Restrooms (other barn didn't have them, so it's nice!)
-Equine therapy pond
-Own dedicated grooming area/tack room for pasture boarders

I can't really think of things I would like to have, they pretty much have it all covered already!

As far as board costs go:

-$750/month for stall and private turnout pasture
-$650/month for stall and group turnout
-$400/month for pasture board, year round

Can you guess which one I'll be choosing? :lol:

caseymyhorserocks 08-11-2012 06:34 PM

My barn.. 2.5 acres of fenced pasture and half an acre that is fenced in peridocally in the lawn for grazing down. Have a whole house, fridge, several full bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms, and bedroom (for my use!). Picnic bench.. Trails on 2,000 acres (about 3-4 hours of trails if you take every single dead end and ride back). One stall barn with 4x12 tack and hay but its being expanded to two stall.. Guess where I board! (its free!)

Ellieandrose 08-12-2012 07:09 AM

I have,
-two stable blocks
-two outdoor sand arenas
-a jumping arena(grass/dirt)
-locked tack rooms
-feed rooms
-private paddocks all with shelters
-cross country paddock
-cattle to play with
-smimming pool(dam)
-float parking
-cement wash bay
-hours of trails
-provided sawdust
It costs $175 a month and it's do it your self board. I LOVE it out their. There is even a trail that goes straight to my house(2hour ride)

sweetwhispers 08-12-2012 06:33 PM

I have,
-two outdoor arenas (one sand and the other just dirt w/grass)
-Lots of pasture (horses are kept in small groups usually 2-4 horses) w/rotational grazing
-10 stalls with private paddocks that are attached to them.
-desensitizing trail (really cool! has a bridge, pool noodles hanging down from trees, tarps and everything possible that could be scary.)
-General tack room (with medical supplies) and personal tack locker
-grain room and hay loft
-backed up to park and other trail systems (miles upon miles of trails)
-turnout year round
-blanketing no extra charge
-owner or barn manager on property 24/7

It costs:
Full Care
Pasture board $150
Stall board w/ daily turnout $225

Partial Self care: buy own hay, grain and feed once a day
Stall $175 (supply bedding)
Pasture $100

Full Self Care: buy own hay, grain and feed twice a day
Stall: $150
Pasture $75

She also lets you work off some of your board or take off some board if a horse can be used for lessons!

I love my boarding facility! The only thing i think i would really want is a wash stall and perhaps an indoor. But for the price and the fact is is a stress free small family barn, i am not complaining.

Saddlebag 08-12-2012 08:52 PM

Casey, I have more land but only one bathroom. Barn facilities - a big fan wired to the ceiling rafters so it doesn't fall down. No wash area, their bath water comes from the sky. No picnic bench but I can sit on the steps leading off the deck. Horses are happy in the barn with a 12 x 16' stall and a 16 x 16. For some reason they stand in the smaller stall, it's their choice.

cebee 08-12-2012 10:33 PM

We have all pasture board, there are a few stalls if a horse is injured or cleaned up before a show. Locked tack lockers and large tack up area. Ourdoor wash rack. Large indoor, and outdoor arenas, and a round pen. Short trails on property and more a short distance away. Trailer parking. Hay is provided, and grain if you provide it.
What I would like: indoor bathrooms! ( we have an outhouse... lol )

Almond Joy 08-13-2012 10:53 PM

Boarding at my lesson barn is $750 a month, for full board. An indoor arena (60 by 124 ft with dressage letters), Outdoor arena (100 by 110 ft with extremely soft footing!), and an outdoor jump course (90 by 180 ft, footing is mulch, and it is redesigned every two weeks.) There will also be a semi-permanent trail/obstacle/despooking course available soon. And there is also access to our state's second largest forest, with 15,600 acres of trails. Horse's are turned in at night in 10 by 10 or 10 by 12 stalls, with automatic waterers, matted walls and floors, then are turned out in dirt pasture half the day and very lush pasture the other half. There is also an indoor wash stall, feed room, two tackrooms, bathroom, lounge, heated overlook of the indoor and overflow tack room. Overall it would be a great place to board! Oh, and two trainers, one who is an olympian hopeful!

verona1016 08-14-2012 06:35 PM

I ♥ my barn. Besides wonderful trainers and boarders, it has:

- 76 matted stalls in a variety of sizes (all cost the same, it's on a first-come, first-served basis)
- Stalls cleaned daily and shavings provided
- Large indoor arena, small indoor arena, indoor round pen
- Large arena has heated viewing room with fridge, microwave and stove
- Variety of jumps, ground poles, etc. for use in arenas
- Small outdoor arena
- Extensive trail obstacle course
- Large, individual tack lockers for boarders, two tack rooms for lesson horses
- Grain fed 2x daily (included in full board, provided by owner in partial board)
- Owner's supplements fed with grain
- Hay fed 3x daily (included in full board, provided by owner in partial board)
- Beet pulp & rice bran mash fed nightly (full board)
- Wash bay with hot water
- Restroom and changing room
- Trailer parking
- Individual or group turnout in hogsfuel paddocks or pasture (seasonally), 3-4 hours daily
- Washer & dryer (extra fee per use)
- BO lives on-site and does late night walk-throughs
- Vet boards her horses there and has her office 1/2 mile away
- Barn farrier comes every week, or you can use your own
- Blankets, fly masks, cribbing collars, etc. on/off as needed

It's $230/mo for partial board, $350 for full board.

If I could change anything, though, I would have more pasture turnout- at least 12 hours daily- and brighter lighting, especially in the winter when it gets dark by 5pm!

Roperchick 08-14-2012 07:02 PM

well weve only ever had 2 stalls most to rent out.

when we did rent out it was $150/month

1 outdoor arena/roundpen
-w/jumps, ground poles, trail equipment
transporting services

7 acre field (only in winter)
2 acre field year round

wash rack

full board (feed/clean 2ce a day)
we provide hay

and space in our tack shed

and the option to have me exercise during the week. (when i was they dont get that obviously)

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