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Cruiser 08-11-2012 05:03 PM

Holes and Thrush
I couldn't come up with a good title sorry. My mare has had continuing thrush but right after I got a new farrier it looked a lot better. Apparently there was bit under a piece of the frog I didn't notice because a few days a ago I picked out her hoof and a piece of her frog was gone, and if I touched it, it hurt to the point she would try to kick me.

I scrubbed all the dirt off her hoof, soaked in salts so I could see better, it looked a lot worst I could fit my whole thumb in to the hole. Drying it off, I packed with cotton after disinfecting it. and wrapped up with hoof. I can't get a hold of my farrier but he is over 2 hours away at the moment (he does hoofs all over the place but should be back on Tuesday), and have been considering calling the vet, but that will have to be on Monday because they don't have a emergency line for horses.

Today I unwrapped the hoof, it is nice and clean still, but I soak and disinfect, dry the hoof. The tissues now that the hole exposed are all puffy and sticking out, she is very tender to the touch, but not lame on soft or hard ground. All I could do it pack with cotton and wrap up to keep the mud out (it rained 2 inches last night). She isn't running a temperature, and all the tissues are a health color, it is kind of scary looking seeing that.

I know this was caused by thrush and nothing I've tried has cleared up it yet, I planned on buying some of the dry cow stuff on Monday (different name brand same ingredients), the other three hoofs look good, I took a pair of clippers and trimmed off all the little flaps of frog so I could clean all of them good.

My question now, is there anything else I can do or should be doing? Is this one of those call the vet right now or wait and see moments? How long does a hole usually take to heal up? I am limited with what I can buy because there is few farm supply stores, so I'm trying to make it work. Any advice would be good, since her feet are improving by leaps and bounds I don't want it to be slowed down due to me being lazy about thrush treatment.

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