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KaylaMarie96 08-13-2012 02:42 AM

I Think I May Have to Clip...
So since Koby got cancer his whole body has been working slower...his hooves haven't needed to be trimmed in a while (we had the farrier come out but he didn't need a trim yet after a couple months!), and he is STILL shedding! He is sweaty every time I go get him from the pasture and I feel bad working him with all that coat still on him (especially since the temp is going to be close to 100 soon). So I'm going to call up my trainer and have her come down and help me out since I have never clipped before. I am pretty sure Koby has been clipped since he didn't budge when his bridle path was shaved but I am still going to be VERY cautious. I am going to do a full body clip. Does anyone have any helpful tips for a first timer? And I know I am going to have to blanket him in the winter but do I have to do anything extra? It rarely gets below 30 degrees here but I wouldn't want him to be cold. Thanks!

Brenna Lee 08-13-2012 04:46 PM

I would recommend not doing a full body clip, he's going to need his hair for winter. Its VERY late in the year to clip, so I would reccomend a hunter, or trace clip if you must. But leave the rest, because it's going to get cold at night.
Plus if he's in his summer shed, he's getting ready to grow in his winter hair. (Wondering if it might interrupt the cycle?)

If you're in a Florida type enviornment ignore what I just said about the weather.

A few tips
-Clip with a 10 blade, dont do anything smaller or you could get a skin close shave!
-Clip against the hair in even strokes.
-Be sure to oil clippers before, inbetween, and after cleaning oil again.
-Be sure to stay safe!

Best of Luck!

BoldComic 08-18-2012 03:09 PM

I agree that full body (unless you are going to blanket all winter) is prob not the best idea this late in the year. However some clipping sounds like a good idea. I second the above post to use a 10 blade. It's the safest blade for someone who hasn't done it before. It prob won't look great your first time but dont worry about it. It's a learning curve.

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