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ClassicDiamondCD 08-14-2012 01:05 AM

Mystery Horse Lameness
Hi Guys, I am new to this page but I thought this would be a perfect place to ask for advice. I have a friend who has a stunning 9 year old Oldenburg gelding who competed in the high level dressage, he was supposed to be her FEI dressage horse. 2 years ago he mysteriously went lame. After $100,000 (yes you read correctly) in vet bills they have been burned out. They have done everything in modern medicine including stem cell therapy.

Here's some information.

He was imported from Germany when he was 4 years old. During the pre vet exam they found a bone chip in his RF Fetlock. They removed the chip and he was sent to the US. He was sound for 2 years. He suddenly became lame. They discovered another chip but determined it was not the cause of lameness. They preformed xrays, ultrasounds, everything. They feel the problem is around his RF Fetlock or possibly hoof. They discovered he has extensive cartilage damage from the chip in his fetlock. When doing a hoof test they discovered he was sensitive. They re shod him and put a special shoe that was basically half a shoe to help relieve pressure on his hoof. They then cut a small section out of his hoof wall so it wouldn't hit the ground. That was the best shoe solution so far. They have used Adequan, legend, injections and bute. He is sound at the walk and the canter but lame at the trot. He is on nothing right now and he is happy. They have done everything with modern technology, but I am curious if anyone has any holistic ideas or any ideas at all. I think she should maybe try supplements and possibly get a farrier to look at his hoof. I think she is interested in using Cetyl-M for him. Please give us any ideas that you may have. I really think it's time to go to the holistic approach because I feel that we are missing something that is right in front of us because he is only lame at the trot and he will have a few steps that are sound. On a lameness scale he is a 3/5. ANY IDEAS ARE APPRECIATED!

Thanks so much guys!!

loosie 08-14-2012 02:32 AM

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Take a look into Dr Bowker's work & also look up 'bone remodelling'(can't remember author of good online paper I saw on this). But I wonder if it being a years long probelm, invloving bone chips & joint damage, what may be done. If it's articular ringbone for eg. I don't know that anything can be done for this once ossification has begun, though once the joint has seized completely many horses seem to be capable of light riding.

*Only speaking from theory & thirdhand info here, have no personal experience by the way.

Army wife 08-14-2012 03:01 AM

Not sure where your from. But you could look up the "lameness locator by equinosis". Could help. I see that your from Cali, there are two vets in the sate that use them. But either way, I'd get multiple opinions...I've got nothing else, so sorry.

Army wife 08-14-2012 03:32 AM

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