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equirena 08-16-2008 09:32 PM

Pregnant mare! help!!
My show horse is 4, almost 5, months pregnant and she has swollen up and is HUGE! Her personality has changed completely and she is very very moody and extremely tired! I was going to do a jump show early september and then put her out to pasture and ride her (without jumping) up until about 1 - 2 months before her delivery date, depending on how she is. I want the best results and I'm scared to push her too much... She has totally stopped wanting to jump and doesn't enjoy it anymore!
She used to be crazy and LOVED jumping and won almost everything! She was great!

I'm scared I might be pushing her and I don't know what to do.. My trainer told me to put her on red cell to get her more energized and I'm scared that she might hurt her legs and back from the extra weight she is now carrying.

Any suggestions?

Zanesgirl 08-16-2008 10:22 PM

Having been pregnant, i can guarantee the last thing on my mind was jumping. for the first 3 months or so i felt sick, then i suffered from indigestion, then i spent the last few months feeling fat and out of sorts.

Personally, i'd get her checked over by a vet if you are concerned with her change in behaviour, and if you are going to work her, then make sure it is light work. something like trail riding or similar.

Ive had one mare that was ridden until a couple of weeks before her bub was due, and i've also had others that didn't want a bar of a person from about a month from the service date.

so yeah, in your situation, i'd probably get a vet check to start off with.

good luck!

lizard13 08-27-2008 12:36 AM

mares are just like people some of us can go through pregnancy with out ever getting morning sick or bloating or any complications and some of us can be miserable the whole 9 months! so if she isn't feeling good octing herself this early on I would not mess with her much. and be careful because red cell can have bad effects on babies if fed too much they can get iron poisoning. I had one mare that her first time being bred i could ride her up to 6 months pregnant still winnig barrel runs and the next time i bred her she was acting kind of like ur mare i could tell she wasnt herself the whole time so i let her be and we didnt hav any complications so alwasy remeber You know your horse the best and you think something is wrong then 99% of the time its good to go with your gut. remember you'll have plenty o time after she's foaled to catch up on riding and you want a healthy foal and momma so be in the best interest of her.

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