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AdriaStitt 08-14-2012 09:25 PM

Starting jumps!
My 6yr old ottb took his first jump today! Wooooohooooo! Got him in April. Lots of rehab and retraining. He had no steering and no gaits or transitions. He's come a long way. Took him to a schooling show last month and he was good. He is way forward and flighty. It doesn't really bother me. I figure it's all new to him and he just needs patience and rewarded for positive strides. He's very dramatic and a complete head case. I posted before about him bullying the new horse and hyperventilating when I muzzled him. Last night when I set up some ground poles he spazed like insane! Like they were some cougar in his pasture. Goof ball. That's the kind of stuff he does. But he's kind with my kids and has good ground manners. He's a super fun horse to ride and his antics make me laugh. :rofl: well anyway... I could write about him all night but gotta figure no one really wants to read it! Just any tips for the jumping is what I'm after. Any info on how to start a horse over fences. I'm not a complete newbie and I'm surely researching as well also starting to look into a trainer but I like some of the posts on here and appreciate any tips. Oh I started him ground poles and added an x then put up a little verticle. He was cool with it... Almost seems too easy... Thanks in advance!

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