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ohmyitschelle 08-16-2012 05:30 AM

Combo rugs vs rug + neck rug
So I'm -hopefully- going to be able to get some Zilco winter rugs that are on super good special at present.
The combo is a little more expensive cos with the rug they're just chucking in a free neck rug, which is great.

I normally get combos (as they're cheaper), and haven't had separates for a long time... so I'm just wondering what is the real difference? Is it just a personal preference or does it help having two parts that can move? My mare does have shoulder weaknesses, and also can get tender over the wither due to not having much of one. Looking at how combos are constructed, I wonder if it all being one piece it could affect those areas more than separates.

Since I feel quite uneducated about the benefits/disadvantages of each style, I thought I'd turn to here!


Saskia 08-16-2012 09:10 AM

Combos are cheaper, and the neck part isn't going to slip to each side, or over their ears.

On the other hand, horses seem to get a lot hotter in combos, and you can't have just the rug. Also, if the neck part is broken it can write off the whole rug, instead of just replacing part.

To be honest I don't like either. I prefer a plain rug.

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