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PaintMare 08-16-2012 05:53 PM

Working a horse out of an injury?
Soo my vet said I should start trying to work my horse "out of an injury/her lameness". He said it may or may not help...but he said it probably won't make it worse. She had a bone chip and had surgery to remove it.

And you can tell it made a big difference. Because before it I would try to even touch the leg and she'd pin her ears. And now you can tell she isn't in pain when you touch the hind right leg. But she still is off at the trot. My vet didn't give any "instructions" to work her...except to hand trot her.
I have two questions.


Is it possible for a horse to be lame at the trot but then not the canter? Because she's lame at the trot but then when she's out in the pasture cantering she almost looks sound...unless she just looks like she is but really isn't.


For of any of you that have experience working a horse out of an injury. Are there any exercises I should be doing? For now I'm just handwalking her and trotting in hand about 4 or 5 trot steps and then walking a few laps in the round pen. She was already on stall rest and the vet gave me permission to turn her out and everything. I've also been riding her but only at the walk. And only for 15 minutes, you could tell she was happy to be ridden again (:

I'm just trying to be very careful. I'm not pushing her or doing to much. I've been trying to just do very little and being careful. I'm also going to ask the vet and my farrier these two questions next time they come out....but I thought I'd just see other people's opinions too.

rookie 08-16-2012 09:17 PM

I hope that she has a fast recovery. Its possible that you don't notice her being off at the canter because she is taking the lead that does not require she push off with that one foot. That being said the canter is faster and more of the horse is of balance so it can be harder on their feet/legs.

I would say keep it simple and slow. What your vet is thinking that you should slowly build up the time spent trotting. Treat your mare like she is out of condition and you are slowly building her back into condition. Which is basically what she is. Start at 15 minutes and then incorporate a few strides of trot and build slowly.

Army wife 08-17-2012 04:23 AM

My mare is being worked out of lameness right now...or trying at least. Right now, she is to be hand walked for 15 mins daily...after a few weeks, she can start interval training....walking for 5 mins, trotting for 2...after a few more weeks, she can be lightly ridden. Same thing, walking for 15...then a few weeks later, walk for 5 trot for 2 etc said it would be a while before she could canter/lope under saddle. Mind you, my mare is very close to sound. She has not had any major surgeries or anything like your mare. But maybe this would help your girl too? Also, I'd try to stay out of the round pen if you can. The constant "turning" in a round pen really isn't too great for their joints. From what I understand. Also, TAKE YOUR TIME!!! TAKE YOUR TIME!!! I've seen TONS of ppl think their horses are all better so they speed up the recovery rate...and end up laming their horses all over again. No matter what, pick a slow speed and stick with it. Hope she gets better really soon!!!!

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