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Elizabeth Bowers 08-16-2012 06:08 PM

My Horses and hopeful progress....
Everyone may read if they like. I probably won't make much sense but that's just me.
Have had Shadow since he was a foal, now in his 20s debating on if i should retire him or continue leisurely trail rides. I would love to show him in trail class, but due to his age, i think it might be too much stress for him.
As for Stormy, i still can't figure out the root of his biting problem. He's progressed very well with the somewhat messed up schedule i have, granted i was there when he was born and didn't acquire him until he was 6mos and practically wild. He'll now stand tied, pick up his feet, loves to be groomed, can tolerate a saddle being put on him and cinched up, and even got to wear a bridle for the first time this week. He leads like a pro, and knows what WHOA means, still getting that standing tied means standing there for a little while, yes it may be boring but its a necessity. Will even trot in hand now. I'm proud of this little guy, him and the rest of the herd though are really buddy sour and beginning to drive me nuts. I think i'm going to split the pastures up and separate a few of them or put them in groups. :-x
My Looney girl on the other hand is turning into a hand full. She'll finally stand tied and somewhat lets me pick up her feet (she's been a troll about this lately :evil: ) She used to do it no problem, now i don't know what her issue is. She takes a saddle well, but on some days is cinchy and likes to try and bite me the witch. The saddle doesn't phase her, she doesn't care for the bridle so i ride in a bitless cross under halter. She's responded well to it. And as usual i still work bareback due to an ill fitting saddle. :-| I was hoping to have her a little better than green broke by the end of this summer, obviously that goal failed miserably. I was soooo hoping to reach my goals this summer and epicly failed. Since she lost her best friend, she's become terribly buddy sour, including walking through an electric fence twice, not a pleasant experience. Now i'm torn between trying to finish breaking her myself or sending her away. I think i'm at the point where being the owner i must face the fact that i'm not skilled in training/breaking horses and must seek professional help before her bad habits become big problems. Now the big thing is finding a trainer in my local area who is reasonable and reliable, and not 3hours away. :shock:
I was soo excited to get my unbroke 3yo, and now i've only gotten her so far and now we're stuck. I got her to tie, can work with her feet, put a saddle on her no trouble, and will take a bridle. Sometimes she'll come when called too. And she finally quit running through fences (that was a big problem when we got her). You can ride her bareback around a field, and she's even starting to get the hang of lunging, i'm learning too!!! :oops: Even Stormy is getting the idea. :-)
I think i'm mostly depressed about losing one of our herd members last month and not reaching my goals i set for myself this summer. :-(
But other wise i think we've progressed well from where we started. I will most likely end up pushing my goals of showing back a year or so, that way she gets some outside experience and used to all the different things out and around. I still have yet to work with Stormy on trailering and loading....this is going to be interesting....I did get him to climb a huge gravel pile that is on our road (its there for them to fix the dang road not a decorative roadside piece!!!) He thought it was interesting too. Shadow could use a tune up on some of his manners, might work on some of that..... :wink:

Elizabeth Bowers 08-17-2012 01:19 PM

Go figure, because of my FIL stupid loose dogs Looney flipped out and almost broke my lead and ripped the post out of the ground. SOOO i think its official i'm going to be sending her away. She's starting to get waaayy out of hand. So after that incident i decided to take her for a walk, once she's away from the house and the other horses, she focuses totally on me. She even trotted in hand!!! And stood stock still beside me for 15 minutes!!!! We even attempted the gravel pile!! And lunged for about 10 minutes!! But i'm still going to seek a professional to finish her out. :shock:
On the plus side, my friend referred me to 3 trainers that she knows and has work with her horses. The first one she said is really good, she took her dangerous and unhandled 2yo to him. By the 10th day she was in the saddle. He's a little pricey, and i think i've been past the farm at least once before. The second is mainly a barrel horse trainer, i took my gelding to her when i was a kid for barrel camp, until there was an outbreak of EIA (good thing my gelding didn't stay at the facility, and was checked). :-| She said she's really good too. The third one she knows really well, i've heard of him but never met him. She said is good too and would come to the house/farm. But that can be a little pricey.
My step mom found me one too who is closer, but a bit pricey. Her friend took her 2 unbroke horses to him, and showed just this past summer. And i've been past this farm before. And the girl my in laws got their mares from works there training and breaking horses. (i think i know where the mares came from :wink: ). But this guy specializes in gaited horses, he owns a Paso Fino breeding farm.
SOO i'll be calling around and comparing prices and care for my horse, and see witch one i like best, and give them a shot. Wish us luck, though its going to suck her being away for a while....but i gotta do what i gotta do before things get worse.... :-(

Elizabeth Bowers 08-20-2012 12:20 PM

Since fall is almost here already, training has slowed immensely due to the crazy weather we get.:shock: So more or less training is about done for the season, since its impossible to work in the winter here, and the barn still isn't finished.:evil: I've been looking for a job, and that's more or less a lost cause in our area, just about nowhere is hiring.:-x But i'm still doing my research on the trainers i've been referred. I think i have one narrowed down. A few of my friends keep telling me to take her to this girl who has some what of a mental condition, she's good with horses though.:-| But the thing is i went to school with this girl, and we didn't get along (i was never mean to her in any way, we just never saw eye to eye). But i'd have to go and pick her up and bring her to my house for her to train my horse. With gas prices i don't think that is going to happen either.:? I've heard she did an awesome job with the basket case of a horse she got named Hank, they now show and do well together. I don't think that's a good option for me to try. I like to know some of the background on the trainers like if they went to school for equine management or equine specialist, and what great trainers they studied with. Stuff like that. All in all this is a longer process than i thought. Other wise the herd is doing well, with the cooler nights, they will soon be getting their rations in oats.:wink: I need to go and buy a barrel and oats to stock up. And a few new feed tubs. I keep getting so flaming frustrated because my husband keeps trying to talk me out of sending her away. When in reality its for both our safety, i really don't need another semi-wild horse on the property (cough: SIL filly :cough: FIL mare :cough). Or one that has no general manners. And yes i will be there to work with the trainer and my horse and be there as much as possible. :-) I'm just getting so tired of fighting with everyone over what i want to do. :evil::evil: Granted its going to be hard not having her here for a while. But its in mine and hers best interest that she goes and works with a professional to help her get over some of her road blocks. :-( Well i'm off to do some more research and other things, just had to write to relieve some mental stress. :wink:

Elizabeth Bowers 08-22-2012 11:43 AM

I'm happy to state that i've finally narrowed down a trainer less than an hour's drive. I've done my research, and even talked to his daughter via Facebook. :-P I went to their website and looked at his credentials, i didn't get to speak with him yet on the phone. I called earlier and got no answer, so i'll try later. I would like to go and visit the place and meet and talk with him in person, and see how much extra it will be for me to take a few lessons with my mare. :wink: I'm also happy that it's not too far away for me to go. Word of mouth says its about $600 for training, which is cheaper than the trainer i was planning on going with. This is going to be a fun learning experience...:D I have plans on sending our soon to be 2yo there too. I think it would be a good learning experience for him as well, plus he could use a really good start. I'm glad i waited, asked around, and did my research. I've also heard alot of good things about this trainer. We'll see how things go!! :-)

Elizabeth Bowers 09-11-2012 02:32 PM

Well Forum, it has been a while since i'v written, i do apologize, have been really busy. I'm still looking for a job, not to enthused since there is hardly anything available. :? A lot had happened since the last i've written, I now do liberty work with my Loony, and she's doing well, even following me around.:D My SIL mare has white line disease in all four feet, and needs to go to a clinic for care ASAP, it has already gotten worse since the day the trimmer came.:-( SIL plans on selling her half wild filly too, since she does't want her either, she's terrified of her.:shock: She wants to take the mare up to the clinic and surrender her since they don't have the money to pay for her treatments, since this will be a long term project.:-| She plans on working with pygmy goats instead, something she's always wanted since she was a little kid.:? I was like fine i have some people interested in those horses, just give me the word and i'll go to work. :-) I think once she gets rid of her two, her dad is going to give her his half wild mare Ginger, she won't take too much to be finished out and broke. Ginger was partially green broke when they got her, i just never worked with her because i had my own horses to tend to first and foremost. The herd overall is doing well, the boys are separate from the girls until rotten little snot gets gelded, and gets some better manners from ol' boy Shadow. Stormy overall is doing very well, still leads like a dream, and can pickup and clean his feet at liberty now. Shadow has even calmed down, and i've been working with him about his manners, and his touchiness about his feet, he's getting better. :-) I've been doing what i can to keep my SIL mare comfortable until they haul her away, as there is nothing i can do here at home for her. :-| I just hope her grandparents don't interfere with her decision just because they are greedy and self centered doesn't mean she should be the same way, and leave the mare suffer. :evil: They don't seem to understand how much it costs and takes to keep a horse, they must think they are supposed to be something like cattle, which they are not and are totally different, and need constant maintenance to stay healthy and sound. My personal OP of the whole matter is that she was too young to be learning about horses, she had no prior experience with one either, since she didn't have any responsibility prior to owning one, she wasn't allowed to take her responsibility as her grandparents would ground her from doing so. Its freaking ridiculous how they work. :evil: And so since they wouldn't let her do her job of taking care of her horse, the poor mare suffered, and now inevitably she has come down with a serious condition. So i'm hoping we will be down sizing our herd, to only 4 horses for this winter instead of 7 like there was in the beginning. Then hopefully down to just my 3 since i'm the only one doing anything with any of them. I'm proud of my little herd, they have come a long way, and are still improving and doing well. :D It makes my heart melt when Shadow and Stormy whinny to me in the mornings, and Loony comes jogging across the field to greet me in the evenings. :happydance:
That's all for now, i've got to get some work done around this house LOL :lol:

Elizabeth Bowers 09-11-2012 08:34 PM

Well it turns out i guess my vet will be coming down tomorrow sometime to check out Darkie. Even though i've already told them the same thing she told me. I just love how no one listens to me.:evil: I'm getting really sick of them saying i don't know anything, but i've been working with horses my WHOLE LIFE!!! :wink: So i guess they're going to see how much it's going to cost for her to go to the clinic, what they don't understand is THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG TERM PROJECT AND VERY COSTLY!!!!!! I'm glad though to say that my SIL is going to give up her mare if they can't afford her treatment, she'll be giving her the second chance she deserves. As for her filly, i don't even know, she wants to "tame" her and NOW she decides to start working with her. I was like seriously???? :shock: I'm not getting myself into this, she needs professional help, she rears at you when she's haltered, charges you when you lead her, kicks, bucks, races around you, and just goes completely nuts. I'm not a miracle worker, she's way out of my league for my skills. And i'm NOT doing this, no matter what any one says or tells me to do, its not going to happen!!!! It's going to be costly for her to send her filly to a trainer too, so i don't want to hear anything about it anymore. I have my work cut out for me with my own horses. I personally think she should sell her filly, she'll never be able to get over the fear that horse had instilled in her. That filly has her number and she knows it. There is nothing that can be done otherwise. Even a trainer will tell you that, and that she'll go right back to the way she was when she goes home because no one will keep to her. :-| So i'm just waiting on SIL's final decision on her 2 horses. She's decided IF she gets rid of her 2 she'll take on her dad's mare. Which she really doesn't need too much more and she'll be good and ready to ride, she'll make one heck of a sport horse, she's got a lot of go. Ginger really needs some TLC, she's a nice little mare. I personally would like for her to go to a good and deserving home too. :wink: These horses haven't had it easy, even when they were brought here. :evil: So i'm just going to sit back and wait, and when they tell me that they can't do anything because they don't have the money, and they hear the same thing the vet told me which i told them, i'm going to be like I TOLD YOU SO!!!! My in-laws really get on my nerves....I guess i'll keep you up dated on what goes on here in my neck of woods..... :-P

Elizabeth Bowers 09-21-2012 05:43 PM

Well Darkie is getting a second chance, but it's going to be a really long road ahead for her, since the vet opted to do her feet one at a time to ease the stress. I think she's starting to stock up in her back legs, due to the fact she's leaning on them more since her LF has been resected. :-| As usual i have to help my SIL with her mare because she doesn't know any veterinary jargon, and basic first aid and care for after treatment. SOOO i'm very busy with her and my mare whom has a weird skin issue, that has the vet stumped (for now) :shock: So hopefully in another week she'll be able to be out and roaming with the herd again. :-) I've been putting liserine on it to help clear it up faster, if it really helps we'll see....:-P I've also been putting A&D ointment on it to help loosen the scabs and they come off easier, and it helped her hair grow back. :D The vet told me i have to get her a fly mask that has the uv protection in it to help protect her since she has pink skin around her eyes, she's more prone to sunburn and skin cancer. Otherwise she has adjusted well to staying in the barn (less bugs!!!). It's still an ongoing fight with the rest of the in-laws, since they still assume i know nothing, but who do they run to to help take care of the horses???? HHHMMM ME!!!! :lol: Yeah, but i know nothing right. I've also been hashing it out with my FIL, he magically thinks he's going to 'tame' Snowy the wild 2yo filly. Yeah, he knows nothing, it's been proven over and over again... :shock: . I just laugh any more, if they only knew half of what i do, they wouldn't need my help and i could go on with my life much easier..... I'm expanding the shed below my house so that my horses can go into it this winter, i will have my horses officially separated from theirs, and i will be sooo much less stressed!!!! Hubby finally agreed to give up the shed to me LOL. I win!!! :-P Also my stupid FIL thinks he's going to breed his mare again, for what i don't have the slightest clue, because i'm not imprinting training another foal, and i'm not going through this process again, plus she isn't current on anything, she hasn't had her shots since she's been here, its a wonder her first foal survived. So no stud breeder will take a mare who isn't current on everything, i know this as a fact. I love how they try to argue with me, he'll never get it done, so i have nothing to worry about really. He's just like his dad, says all kinds of ****, but never goes through or finishes anything. :wink: I swear i'm surrounded by idiots!!! :lol: VICTORY FOR ME!!!!!! THE VET CONFIRMED I WAS RIGHT!!!!! WHOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! Remember how my in-laws swore up and down that the mares were all bred again, well guess what!!! NONE OF THEM ARE!!!!!!!!!! Stormy wasn't mature enough for one, and he's still to young and incompetent!!!! WHOOO HOOO!!!! I love being right!!!! :happydance: You should have seen my real happy dance, you would have :rofl: I was sooo **** happy it was hilarious!!!! Talk about a total slap in the face with reality, and that i do know my stuff when it comes to horses!!!! HA!!! Yeah, i know i'm getting a little conceited here, buy hey, i was right!! :lol: :rofl: So there ya go, my latest update on everything going on at the moment!! I'll keep ya posted...... :wink:

Elizabeth Bowers 09-26-2012 09:25 PM

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Well i'm back soon, yes go figure. Well i'm here to say that i'm hoping Loony will be out of the barn soon, i'm excited. The vet has yet to come again this week to check Darkie. As of this moment her owner has not come to the barn to care for her in 2 days, and it has me concerned and quite upset. As usual i'm doing ALL of the work again. But i feel i have to because my mare is sharing the barn with her. :-x IF things keep going the way they are, my mare will be in my yard/shed until her skin clears up. She finally has a fly mask, but i'm not sure how well she's going to wear it, she's never worn one before, but i'll do as the vet says. :wink: But it still doesn't help matters for Darkie, once i move my mare, i will only be going to the barn maybe once a week, as is she is NOT my horse and NOT my responsibility. I'm getting tired of them thinking that i'm going to care for their horses.....AAAANNNNNTTTT wrong answer!!!!! :-P Also due to the wet weather i have to clean the barn twice as much to keep the floor dry, the barn is built in the wrong place. The rain runs into the barn not away from it, and thus the inside is usually soaked and a mess. :evil: I managed to pull something in my side yesterday and thought i was going to have to go to the hospital because i could not breath, but i took something for it and after an hour or so it went away. And i was fine today. SO it must have been nothing major. :wink: Any how after that episode, my SIL did finally come down to the barn (after dark) go figure......and she was complaining about how much she hurt because she had gym....OMFG are you serious!!!!!!! I thought i was having a heart attack and i was still out cleaning that barn and taking care of my horse!!!! I looked at her an i was like i don't care, get your @$$ in here and clean her pen out, she's your horse, your responsibility!!! And meanwhile she was also b!*&$ing about her boy trouble and was on her phone more than doing her work. I was getting upset, and after about 1/2 an hour i called it quits, and i had supper in the oven any how, so i had to go. I have thoroughly had it with this BS. Once i move my mare its not my problem any more... :twisted: Otherwise as far as i can tell Darkie is very ouchie on her LF since it has been resected. And i can't see any improvement yet, it may take up to 6 weeks before we even see a slight change in her hoof structure. So i really don't know what to think of her issue. As for Loony, the majority of her hair has grown back, and i don't see much if any skin dermatitis left. It still has my vet stumped as to what has caused it. I've been putting listerine on it every other day for the past week, and it seems to be helping a lot!!! One heck of an awesome home remedy!! :D So hopefully when the vet comes this week some time, Loony will get the ok to go back out on pasture with her herd. :-) I'll keep you posted!!!!!! :wink:
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Elizabeth Bowers 10-04-2012 09:39 PM

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I'm back again HA HA!! LOL yeah its just me. I'm here to up date things as usual. Well last friday i took Loony girl out of the barn, and she did like 3 laps around the field before she would take a break and eat, and be social. She was being a total goof ball, but that's just her! :lol: I'm starting to get really curious on what breed(s) she is, it's kind of confusing on the way she's built and how she carries herself. I was thinking she has some arabian in her, because of her delicate features and how she flags her tail when she runs and trots. She has natural beautiful flowing trot, and gives her self a slight arch to her neck as she goes. She has fine dainty little ears, and a nice neat small muzzle. But there is no prominent dishing of the face. And she has nice neat small hooves. Then we go to her color, and overall size. I think there is quarter horse in there some where or registered paint, of course paints occur in arabians too. But she has a high thick quarter horse butt, and she stands about 16hh. She has a lot of go when she's wound up, but she can collect and spin on a dime at liberty!! :shock: And she's super smart, and a very quick learner. I was told she's heavy in the front end, i'm not too sure where that comes in, she has very high set withers. I'm just all around confused on what she may be. I think some one put time and effort into breeding, but not time and effort into care. (she came from a seized farm) :evil: Any how she's beautifully built and bred, with a few minor flaws i'm going to have checked out before any major training starts. Overall she's an awesome mare. :-)
As for mr. Stormy, now that he's 18 months old, he's been learning to do things at liberty. I've even started jumping(not literally) up on his back so he can get used to carrying more weight. He's very smart, he's even learned a trick. I taught him to give kisses!! :D He is such a sweetie. He has gotten a little taller. He definitely has the 'mouthy' personality, put something into his mouth and you can do anything LITERALLY ANYTHING with him. He definitely has a lot of go. I'm considering using him for barrels, he is a very spunky little brat!! :lol: He's coming along nicely, i'm impressed at how well he's turning out.
As for Shadow, he's been acting like he's a 2yo again. Though he's been limping some, i think he's getting arthritis in his one front leg, its just hard to tell which one. Otherwise he's being his old appy self. He's been getting much better with his whole 'sensitivity with touching his feet thing'. I can pick them up and check them no problem now. He's doing very well. He's even got his spots out this fall!! :wink:
As for Darkie, she's had her RF resected and both now have to be soaked in peroxide one day and wrapped after being soaked in iodine the next. She still has a long ways to go. But i'm officially off the project as my mare is out of the barn. But the vet said if she goes lame in the process, she'll have to be put down, since there isn't enough hoof horn to help her become sound. So we'll watch and see how things go for her. :-|
I think that's all for now, until next time ya'll!! :wink:Attachment 114229

Elizabeth Bowers 10-17-2012 01:10 PM

Well i'm back again LOL! I have found another trainer in my area, and he's even willing to come to the farm and work with Loony and Stormy. He charges by the week, but the boarding place charges by the month. I have yet to look it up and see how far it will be. I'm hoping to get a job soon so i can get this done, my mare needs finished properly. Since she turned 5, now the real training and hard work can begin. She has displayed her cow sense, and we tried it out this morning on our herd of cattle. She did great!! :D We herded them all bareback and bridleless!! She even listened to my voice. I was very impressed!! She's not too aggressive, but she's not all that lenient either. She did good, she could build up her confidence a bit more though. It was fun. :-) I'm hoping to send them to the trainer sometime soon (wishful thinking). Hubby on the other hand will be a PITA about it as usual. I'm hoping to get my truck running and i'll eventually be hauling my horses my self. And going to work with them while they're at the trainers. He sounded really nice, and said that he can train them for whatever i want them to do. I just hope he's not too old school, i don't want them forced or hurt. :shock: I'm also proud of Stormy, i can swing up and sit on his back now. The most he'll do is try to bite your foot or leg. He still leads and does everything like a champ. I think he's going to be loads of fun once he finishes out. :wink: Too bad hubby won't be able to handle him LOL. I'm hoping to officially have him gelded by mid-late november, or i'm going to have a fit!! Hubby will NOT be buying anymore cars or parts for his cars until then. :evil: Then once he's gelded, i'll be putting Loony up in the pasture with the boys, then i won't have to hunt and search around to find her with the girls. 64 acres is a lot of ground to be looking all over for a horse. :shock: More good news!! Hubby and i should be getting a new house soon!!! I'm excited and can't wait!! Next will be a nice run in shed with dividers and a lean to! Then his garage!! :wink: Other than all that, training is slow to minimal with the horses, the cold is horrible on my hands and knees. But i make sure i go out and see them everyday. :-)
As for Darkie, i'm off the project. The vet was supposed to come this week sometime and resect both of her back feet. The WLD is getting worse in the hinds, the fronts are looking better. With all 4 hooves being resected she'll really be at risk of going lame. His sister and grandmother have been giving her, her daily care and treatment. She keeps stocking up in her hind legs, which might also play a factor in soundness. We'll just have to wait and see. Thats all i know for now. :-|

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