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Mochachino 08-16-2012 06:22 PM

Sending now to trainer or wait...
Mocha has just turned three, and at this point has had all the ground work done with him from desensitizing, ground driving, etc. I have backed him a few times, but I can not afford to get hurt, and I want him to be started by someone more qualified than I am. Anyway, I thought I would get him started with a western trainer this fall. I'm wondering if I should do this as he would get a good start, but with me working full time I don't know if I could continue with the riding time that he would need after it. Part of me thinks get him started this fall, do what I can over the winter and spring, and then take back to the trainer for a quick refresher early spring. I am off all summer and can have time to devote next summer to the riding and setting some goals for some showing. The other part of me says completely wait until early spring, get him into training and then continue in the summer so there is a reguarlity and consistency in his training??? Any suggestions, advice is welcome!:D

Amanda B 08-16-2012 09:02 PM

I suggest you ask the trainer what they prefer. Lots of people start horses in the fall, then let them think about it and mature over the winter, and then start real work in the spring.

If you were sending the horse to me, though, I would get the horse fairly fit via groundwork before getting on this fall, and then would have to regain that fitness level in the spring before picking up where we left off. For that reason I'd rather have the horse for 2 months in the spring, and you would get a lot more training for your money than if the time was split between spring and fall.

So I think it depends on the trainer's philosophy and methods.

Mochachino 08-16-2012 11:51 PM

Ok thanks Amanda. Ill talk to the trainer about it.

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