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hsharp123 03-29-2007 09:49 AM

Dare i ask what people think of warmbloods??
I havent heard a warmblood mentioned on 'horse breeds' so i thought id bring them up?

Does anybody own/ride any variety of warmblood and what do you think? I know each type is slightly different and so i also want to know which is your favourite?

Im struggling to choose between a hanoverian and a dutch!

Let me know what you think!!?

Elz x

kristy 03-29-2007 10:49 PM

lol - :lol: :lol: ; I laughed when I saw this. It's true, so many people hate warmbloods.
I think it's really sad that WBs have such a bad reputation now. I certainly don't think it's the horse its self, but the owners.
In my taste, they are far too expensive. Of course, there are many exceptions, but there are for any breed. I think at this point in time, people are just tired of hearing about a WBs success - it makes most people groan. I see A LOT of WAY over priced WBs. The people that can buy WBs are generally more financially able to buy more training - hence the success. This can be hard and unfair to others that wish to compete but don't have the budget. Many times, I don't think it's a fair race.
I dislike the money aspect. I wish that all competitors could have a spending limit on their horses so they could put in the same effort and work as others. But then again, I'm on the broke side. :wink: I don't even compete now, but I know how it once felt. I think a lot of times, I wish the amount of money people spend on their precious WB's could go to something else. Anything - charity, an abused or abandoned horse, a rescue org.. whatever. Instead, these horses generally get money poured into them - and the owners are often very materialistic because of this.
Basically, a horse is worth what you put into it. Not the money or materialism - I just wish many owners could see that. As for the horses, although sometimes over priced, I don't have anything against these breeds. Many can be amazingly talented. I do encourage people to look into other breeds though. I'm adopting a standardbred that has more impulsion that a lot of the horses I've sat on - and I'm very proud! Warmblood is just a name.. no guarantees.
I'm off my soap box now.. :oops: :oops:

... :wink: :D

hsharp123 03-30-2007 05:46 AM

Kristy you are completely right!!!!! I agree with every word!

But as you said not all of them break the bank, and of course there are still warmbloods (and x's) that need rescueing and a nice home.
I am on the broke side with you! However im always on the look out for a bargain that needs my help- I bought my honaverian x tb as a 4month old already off his mom and shut in a shed starving for £500 YES £500!!! I have put huge amounts of effort into that young man and since then i have been offered silly money for him! Would never sell, hes my boy not a £ sign!

And my mare was an 18month old bag of bones, sat in a field with 5 other youngsters (unfortunately i couldnt have them all). She was the worst off by far and so i phoned around and got the owners number. He had gone bankrupt, even though all of his horses were exceptionally bred eventers (to be), he just couldnt sell them in the middle of winter in that state having never been touched! I offered him £1000 for her and he excepted.

Later on my boyfriend for my 21st birthday arranged 10 lessons with a very good instructor (who had some of the best wb horses around). She almost couldnt believe that i had such a good horse (im not the stereotypical amazing wb owner i suppose!hehe) and after working with flo and I for 2weeks offered me silly money for her. I dont know why people think a certain price tag will buy a horse that you have had for yrs and have an amazing bond with!? Money cant buy you a great relationship with a horse can it?

On the standardbred front....THEY ARE AWSOME HORSES!!! I rescued and ex racer from a horse sales in wales. Where anything cobby and coloured was fetching big money and yet the larger tb, tbx and standardbreds were going for meat man money! I got Shon for £600. He was a 7yr old 16hh, mahogony bay, with a heart of gold. I re-educated him and he has since gone to a 15yr old girl who calls, emails, and texts me at least twice a week with a "shon has done thins, shon has done that, and a huge THANKYOU" at the end! hehe

So is there anybody out there that would want or has got a warmblood (or x) ?????????

sparky 03-30-2007 05:55 AM

I think wb's are a marvelous breed. I don't think i would own one because of the general cost it is to buy one - that is properly trained and all.
I like the fact that they can be tb'ish, but they are a lot more stocky.

kristy 03-31-2007 12:36 AM

Good for you! I'm so glad there are other people that think the same as I do about this. I ride dressage as well which REALLY seems to attract the snobs. I'm just so not money oriented when it comes to that. I've fought very hard to keep my horse. Many people are very surprised to learn what I've done to keep him because of the very bad financial situations my family has seen in the past. And I completely understand the money issue. I still have my first horse who is semi-tired and sucking my bank account dry. :wink: Regardless, I love him and promised him a good home despite his use to me. I am buying my standardbred for $500 (or 254 pounds)! Can you believe that? My biggest goal is to have her well trained and if we show, show not to win, but to encourage others to see how wonderful these adopted horses can be. I think it's amazing you found the horses you did and it has made my day to hear you say that they aren't a price tag to you.
My ex trainer inspired me to branch out and find horses that I could benefit from and that I could help. She saved an absolutely gorgeous 17 hand solid bay from slaughter. I'm not sure of the breed, I'm thinking TB - he def. looked like a WB though. The owners didn't want to waste money on his knee surgery so they sold him to be auctioned. I haven't talked to my trainer in years - I moved out of state - but I can't even imagine what the horse is like now.
I'm also thrilled that I saved so much on her actual price so I can put my pennies towards training. My current horse is used as a very beginner lesson horse. When I see him used in a lesson by a little girl, it makes my heart melt.

barnrat 03-31-2007 01:34 AM

I would totally agree with you on this wb thing. I think wb are beautiful but when it comes to tons of money that I definitly dont have......I will never have one, Never even touch jk. (I have already touched one in my life...) Maybe I will just become a gold digger so I can afford one....train it.....and make everyone want it and like you mentioned, I wont sale it.

this may surprise you (because I ride a 12.1 hh pony) but I want a big horse, 16 hh would suit my needs!

Kaiya 03-31-2007 07:17 AM

My honaverian x tb was my third horse. After having a beautiful, but crazy arab and a pony that bolted he was amazing. He took me so far just in 6 months, he gained my confidence even though he was a giant. Plus everyone loved him. He's now working with the Riding for the Disabled. But without him I wouldn't be as good as I am today. I learnt so much from him and with what he taught me I'm now training my OTT TB.

If things didnt turn out the way they did I'd still be riding him now. But things happen. . . :?

Raini 04-01-2007 07:15 PM

hmmm I won't even get started on warmbloods. I am a GIANT warmblood fan. besides the price factor I love just about everything about warmbloods. If I wasn't dirt poor I would have one. I love the gaits, the impulsion, the suspension. I love how warmbloods look, conformation wise. I just love them I'm especially fond of Dutch Warmbloods, Oldenburgs and Trakheners. :D

barnrat 04-01-2007 07:35 PM

Raini, I found a warmblood up for adoption. an oldenburg. All we have to do is pull together $2000.00 and we are good. Its also could be Patty and Dons next lesson horse!!! All we have to do is get Don to drive to know, the one place with potatos.

hsharp123 04-02-2007 06:20 AM

Do you have to pay that much to adopt over there? Thats crazy!
But they are a great breed so go for it!

Glad people have had some imput into this subject as i was wondering why nobody had spoken about warmbloods on this forum?hehe

Dutches are gorgeous!!!! But daft as! lol

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