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barrelbeginner 08-16-2012 11:10 PM

I've made a BIT of progress!! VIDEO!!
MOV031.mp4 video by sjsj_2009 - Photobucket

Im so proud of my girl:):D This is her first time doing this as well:)!!!!

barrelbeginner 08-17-2012 12:41 AM

What do you all think? Am I doing a good job with her??

Army wife 08-17-2012 03:37 AM

Not too bad girl!! I'd say she needs more work walking over it. You might try lunging her over it. Be careful, I saw you standing in front of her a few times, I'd hate for the next video to show her running you over :/ and yes, it happens. Also, you could try sliding the tarp from her neck up toward her head. Instead of just trying to put it over her head. How old is she?

barrelbeginner 08-17-2012 08:42 AM

Yea She just has a slight bit of trouble with her back feet and it.. I wasn't really trying to put it over her head.. just get it used to being up there loll.. it kinda does look like that's what Im doing though..

She just turned a year..

Saddlebag 08-17-2012 09:26 AM

The next time you walk her over the tarp or any other obstacle, keep her on your right and focus on a distant object. Don't look down at the tarp. When you do it tells her to stop. By focusing ahead your body is telling her we are going there and just happen to be crossing the tarp. As others have mentioned don't let her get behind you in case something spooks her. You need to be consistant with her manners, no exceptions because she is learning quickly. It's just as easy for her to learn the wrong way as the correct.

barrelbeginner 08-17-2012 09:47 AM

Thanks:) that does help.. For that I have a question.. When I lunge her when she gets on one side like of the circle she comes in reallllly close to me and it gets really annoying.. so I will push her back out and continue to lunge her for a while.. and that works for a while.. but then se tries it again.. Do you know what I could do to fix it? and as well.. She used to drag behind me when leading and now.. she tries to walk in front of me.. so i hold her back.. and the pressure of the halter she just drops her head and continues to do so.. I AM GETTING HELP from a trainer soon So that will help a bunch to. I just want to start her right....

do you think that I am overall doing a good job with desensitizing her?

Army wife 08-18-2012 07:35 AM

I think your doing a good job. As far as her coming in while lunging, you could try twirling your rope (assuming you don't use a lunge whip) toward her shoulder. Step toward her and if she doesn't move out, hit her in the shoulder with the end of your rope. Not hard, just enough to tell her to keep her distance. As far as leading, I wouldn't hold constant pressure. As soon as she takes that one step too far in front of you, pop her face and back her back up. Holding constant pressure is really just more of a nagging thing, and she will continue to ignore it and get harder on her face.

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