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katieandduke 08-17-2008 03:00 PM

horse feed!!stratey??
ikay. i made a thread a while ago.. but i need help again.. we bought a bag of strategy and we didnt know until a person told us that to feed strategy you have to also make sure he gets hay too... well there is so much grass in the pastures that i know duke isnt going to eat the hay in there... but do yall think it is still okay ??? here is the mutritional facts about it.. so can ya tell me if he will be okay on it.. thanks!!

Purina Mills Strategy® Professional Formula GX

In 1991, Strategy® horse feed revolutionized horse nutrition by becoming the first commercial pelleted feed created for horses of all ages and lifestyles. Over 15 years and 600 million feedings later, it is still the gold standard in convenience, value and performance for horse professionals. And now, with an enhanced formulation including improved levels of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, plus the FeedGuard™ Nutrition System, there are more reasons than ever to rely on Strategy® horse feed.

Feed Form: All Pellet Feed

Recommended For:
Maintenance, growing, breeding and performance horses, when fed with good quality hay. Strategy® horse feed is for any horse, at any life stage.

Highly Digestible Ingredients—provides nutrient density and supports proper digestion

Nutritionally Balanced—eliminates the need for expensive supplements and time-consuming mixing

Pelleted Feed Form—prevents sorting, reduces waste and improves stability during storage

One convenient professional formulation for all your horses without compromising on nutrition

Pellets are easy to transport, feed and store

Consistently Fresh, Quality Natural Ingredients—appeals to even finicky horses for consistent intake

Enhanced Formulation

Thanks to ongoing Purina Mills research, Strategy® horse feed now has improved levels of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. This greater nutritional profile can deliver even better convenience, value and performance for you and your horses.

Keeps breeding stallions on a high nutrition plane

Enhanced Amino Acids--supports fetal development and milk production in brood mares

Multiple Sources of Energy and Muscle Fuel—supports the energy of lactating mares and breeding stallions

Added Copper, Calcium, Phosphorus, Selenium and Key Vitamins—helps pregnant mares develop healthy foals

Added Vitamins & Minerals—helps promote development of strong bones, tendons and muscles

Quality Protein—optimizes muscle growth and development in young growing horses

Multiple Sources of Energy and Muscle Fuel—supports the energy needs of growing horses while providing fewer calories from starch

Multiple Sources of Energy—promotes a more level temperament and may help minimize or avoid digestive disturbances in horses on higher grain diets

High Levels of Polyunsaturated Oils—helps improve overall appearance and body condition for shinier, healthier looking horses

Controlled Starch and Sugar—may help reduce the risk of adverse health effects caused by the management error of overfeeding

More Calories Coming from Fats and Fiber than Traditional Grain Mixes—may provide a calming effect in some horses

Quality Protein with Enhanced Amino Acids—helps performance horses recover from exercising and training

Added Copper, Calcium, Phosphorus, Selenium and Key Vitamins—supports proper physiological functions in working and performance horses

Multiple Sources of Energy and Muscle Fuel—helps build stamina and endurance to enhance your horse’s ability to perform

One more reason to trust Strategy®.
Purina Mills FeedGuard™ Nutrition System
A major factor in Strategy® horse feed’s unequalled performance is the Purina Mills FeedGuard™ Nutrition System. It’s one of the industry’s most innovative and exacting quality assurance programs, and here’s what it provides for you and your horses:
Highest Quality Ingredients—Stringent quality standards help ensure many of the industry’s highest quality ingredients available are used

Near Infra-red Reflectance (NIR)—A process measuring actual nutrient levels of specific ingredients instead of supplier averages is used to help increase nutritional consistency

Utilizes a Constant Nutrition Formulation—Automatically compensates for naturally varying nutrient levels in ingredients for greater nutritional consistency bag after bag

Ingredient Testing Program—Designed to minimize the risk of grains containing potentially harmful contaminants

Uses a Total Horse Nutrition Formulation—Considers all key nutrients and their interactions with each other to better support overall horse health

The FeedGuard™ Nutrition System can help deliver the trust, quality and performance horse professionals demand every day.

Click here for more information on FeedGuard™ Nutrition System

Strategy® Professional Formula GX Horse Feed
Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein, % not less than 14%
Crude Fat, % not less than 6.0%
Fiber, % not more than 12.5%
Calcium, minimum % not less than 1.0%
Calcium, maximum % not more than 1.3%
Phosphorus, minimum % not less than .60%
Copper not less than 80 PPM
Zinc not less than 280 PPM
Vit. A, IU/lb not less than 3000
Selenium not less than .6 PPM

Feeding Directions:
Click here to use the Purina Mills Feeding Calculator

Purina Mills Strategy® Professional Formula GX horse feed is for growing, breeding and performance horses.
Feed with a minimum of 1% of the horse’s body weight of good quality hay or the equivalent in pasture

Start with the amounts given for the weight and class of horse. After observing the horse for a period of time, the amount fed may be increased or decreased gradually to obtain the desired body condition and weight. If recommended feeding rates do not yield the desired results, ask your Purina Mills Representative if another product may be more appropriate

Consistency is one very important factor in reducing the chance of digestive upsets in a horse. However, there are times when changes cannot be avoided, so making any modifications slowly can help minimize the risk of digestive disturbances. Changes in types of feed should be made gradually (4-7 days for small adjustments, up to three weeks for radical alterations). A sudden change in hay can also increases the risk of digestive upset, so gradually switching horses from the old hay to the new will help minimize the likelihood of digestive problems

Changes in the rate of feeding should not exceed one pound per day for each horse

Do not feed free-choice

Feed at regular times (at least twice daily). When feeding rates exceed 1% of body weight, three daily feedings are preferred

Have plenty of fresh, clean water available at all times

Prevent the rapid eating by the horse of any feed stuffs

Store feed in a dry, well-ventilated area protected from rodents and insects

Do not feed moldy or insect-infested feed to animals as it may cause illness or death

This product to be fed to the animal species as directed on the label

In addition to nutritional care and consultation, be sure to make regular veterinary checkups and farrier appointments part of your horse wellness program

Arrow 08-17-2008 03:01 PM

I'm pretty sure it just means he has to get forage, too--if there's enough grass, you don't need hay.

Vidaloco 08-17-2008 03:20 PM

I've feed Stragegy for about 6-8 months now, so part winter part summer. They are on hay in the winter and grass in the summer. I cut back a bit on the amount I feed in the summer but they still get it year round. They don't really need any supplemental feed in my opinion when they are on good pasture grass but I like to get them all close at least once a day to check for injurys and just to say Hi :wink:

hotreddun 08-18-2008 11:14 AM

I don't feed hay if the pasture grass seems to be sufficient. Usually if the grass has a quick regrowth rate and is sustaining about 3 to 4 inches in height...I consider the pasture sufficient.

Ryle 08-18-2008 11:35 AM

Pasture or hay either one so long as there is sufficient quantity to meet the horse's daily needs of a minimum of 1% of his body weight in forage per day is appropriate. The label only means that Strategy is to be fed along with forage to meet your horse's nutritional needs.

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