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horsey*kisses 08-17-2008 07:39 PM

People w/ only one do you do it?! (vent)
the title says it all! how do you do it if you have one horse! ESPECIALLY when he is outcasted from your neighbors horses, the only friends he has!!! ok ill explain, i live next door to my cousins, and they have a herd of 5, i have 1, i ride my 1 with them, everytime we ride, i ride with my cousins and their horses, so diablo kind of belongs to that group, but my uncle has a pole so far up his butt(that is totally the wrong word) that he wont open up the gate and let my horse run with his at night when they eat, so my horse runs the fence line wanting to be with the other horses so much he cuts his chest, he has two on his chest right now, (they are healing quite nicely though nothing to serious...yet) diablo feels left out and im pretty sure he feels a danger by himself because horses are herd animals and they rely on their buddies for protection, (i didnt need to tell you guys that but go with me) i really dont know what to do, i mean there is the obvious, get another horse, but we 1 dont have the money for another horse and 2 dont have the money to feed another horse this winter, im really at a loss of ideas,
my cousins went to a roping this weekend and left me to feed the horses they didnt take, so i let my horse out with the other two and he was so happy kicking up his heels whinnying, he was loving it! he was so happy to be with his buddies and he kind of hung his head when i went to get him this morning because he knew he had to go back to his pen by himself, and i dont know if i can watch him tonight running out there trying to be with them(because they come back tonight and i dont think they would be to happy to find out they have another horse, especially mine) im really out of ideas i dont know what to do,
i think anyone would be in the same boat if they went to feed their horse and found that he had AGAIN cut himself because he just wants a buddy, he just wants someone to be with and i cant give him a buddy, i can get him out of wire when hes stuck i can give him a cookie when hes getting doctored i can do all this other stuff for him except give him a buddy hes so lonely and i know how he feels but im human and im used to it, hes not, i feel kind of helpless at the moment...
*throws u a cookie if you read this far* thanks guys

girl_on_black_pony 08-17-2008 07:45 PM

LOL I owned a single horse for 4 years at one point. About every weekend I would atleast let her talk to the neighbor's horses.

Horses bond really well with goats.
I dont know why :/ I bought a goat for $25 and my horse and him are best friends (just dont get one with horns, LOL)

americancowgurl31391 08-17-2008 07:52 PM

Wow he could get hurt badly. Have you had a serious talk with your uncle about it. I wouldnt be taking care of their horses if they wont do a thing for you. My horse would be miserable my himself so he is boarded. Can they touch noses or are the pens completely separated? I dont know exactly what to tell you besides talk to your uncle about it.
Could you afford a mini or even a cow? They make great companions for me on that one. When my horse had to be evacuated during the '07 california fires, he got separated from his buddies and was placed in a corral with a random dairy cow. They fell in love and at the end of the week when all was safe it was so sad when he had to come home.
Good Luck!! Dont let him get too hurt. Barb wire is dangerous.

horsey*kisses 08-17-2008 07:56 PM

have a serious talk with my uncle!?*falls on the floor laughing* that man doesnt even look at me he hates me because when he says jump i no what i mean tho) having any talk with my uncle ends up in an anger match the horses can touch noses over the fence but the other horses are so busy eating they kinda tune diablo out...

we were gonna get two goats to help with the weeds, but we have three steers coming in the fall that we have to fatten up and butcher if we get the goats we have no place for the steers...and i am not building a new pen for animals we have for 3 months out of the year forget it

TxHorseMom 08-17-2008 07:57 PM

There are a couple of options.
1) Talk to your uncle with your parents. Maybe if you all calmly discuss the situation he would let them run together. Let him know that your horse keeps getting hurt.

2)Try an electric fence. After he gets zapped a few times, he will respect it. It will save him fromt he cuts etc.

3)Buy a goat or mini. You might even be able to rescue one. Or try an auction. You should be able to get either one pretty cheap there, and neither one eats much.

Good luck.

farmers_wife 08-17-2008 07:58 PM

When I had one horse it was not a big deal because there were no other horses near by. But we did end up getting a pony (for $100) and he is so attached to my mare now that I could never give him up. My kids do ride him but ponies do not take much hay. Also goats are great companion for horses. But if you could find a cheap pony or something. I give my pony a slice in morning and one at night. Just something to think about.
That is all I can suggest. But the thing with another horse also is when I take my mare out, my pony goes crazy and paces the fence.

iridehorses 08-17-2008 09:17 PM

Maybe it has to be your parents that need to ask him or even you cousins.

In the meanwhile it doesn't have to be another horse as a companion. Some people have used goats or a donkey as a companion. Is that a possibility?

horsey*kisses 08-17-2008 11:05 PM

he doesnt like my grandparents either, he also knows my horse keeps getting hurt and comes up with some other excuse the one most often used it that he is an idiot so i dont even try anymore,
thanks everyone for your advice...i didnt think horses liked goats...thats interesting...ill see about that,
i think im better now, i've so stressed lately with school starting and then diablo keeps getting hurt and my cousins are being...difficult...and i had a weak moment, thanks everyone though for your advice the goat thing though...interesting...ill bring it up at dinner tomorrow night, but like i said everything here is so confusing i wish it was simpler but i guess i have to take whatever life dishes out
*hugs everyone who posted*

DashAwayAll 08-18-2008 06:13 AM

It sucks, but if it is his place, it's his rules. And if you want a favor from him, like your horse eating his grass and having his horses for company, buttmunch or not, when he says jump you jump. You gotta give to get, kiddo. That's a life lesson.

In the meantime, get a goat. Cheap, easy, and most horses really love goats.

3neighs 08-19-2008 08:15 PM


Originally Posted by DashAwayAll
In the meantime, get a goat. Cheap, easy, and most horses really love goats.

Yup, it's true.

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