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TristaJean 08-19-2012 06:28 PM

So frustrated, I feel like giving up. *Rant/Vent*
A little back-story:
We moved my horse Arrow to a stable a few weeks ago where I was supposed to board him. The first day he was there, he seemed fine. The next day, I went to ride him. He was a complete monster. He had never offered a buck or a rear before this, but during this ride he took off with me, bucked twice, and reared. He even rolled with me on him. I'm not a confident rider, and he is usually dead quiet, so this scared the $!@# out of me. I chalked it up to a bad day. But then I tried again, every day that week. It just got progressively worse and he ended up throwing me. While he was there, his ground manners completely disappeared. At home he stands tied, for as long as you want. There he would paw and dance constantly and rear up in the aisle ways. He'd walk all over me and drag me around. I dreaded having to go see and handle him. After I was thrown, my dad made me bring him home (which I regretfully agreed too). He acted crazy, in the aisle ways, indoor and outdoor arenas, paddocks, the track....everywhere. While he was at the stable, his feed was the same, and his routine was kept as close to normal as possible (24/7 turnout, ect.)

Since he has come home, his ground manners are back about 70%. He's changed so much though. He wouldn't stand for the farrier, when he usually falls asleep during hoof trims. He's become a monster under saddle. He rears now, and I don't have the confidence or experience to even act like I can solve rearing problems. He now refuses to even move forward under saddle. It's not a pain issue and his tack fits.

I'm at a loss. I'm frustrated. I'm stressed. I feel like a failure.

I miss the old Arrow. But at the same time, I'm starting to realize that maybe he isn't the horse for me. I'm not enjoying my time with him. I used to, but I don't anymore. At the stable I would look around and see all these people enjoying time with their horses, and I was dreading being around mine....

What do I do? Do I sell him and find another horse? I dream of showing, and I just don't think Arrow's ever going to be the horse that will help me reach my goals. :sad:

tl;dr: started boarding my horse, he went psycho, brought him home, he's still psycho

Dreamcatcher Arabians 08-19-2012 06:32 PM

Since he's been good, you know he CAN be good, so my vote would be to send him to or have a pro come in and work with both of you. Him to fix his issues and you to build up your confidence.

canterburyhorsetrailrider 08-19-2012 06:45 PM

Something has happened to your horse physically at this new place...

Your horse is trying to tell you he is not comfortable with you riding him.. in saying that, I mean he could be hurting possibly where the saddle sits etc..

If he is hurting this is his way of telling you by a little bucking or rearing..

He is not being naughty as such..

I wonder if he has hit something, or someone... has hit him while out of your sight...

A horse doesnt just change overnight for no reason.. unless something has hurt or scared the crap out of him..

I am only reading what you have written on this and thats my thoughts...

MisssMarie 08-19-2012 06:47 PM

I'd have to agree with Canterbury on that matter
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TristaJean 08-19-2012 06:53 PM


Originally Posted by canterburyhorsetrailrider (Post 1651758)

I wonder if he has hit something, or someone... has hit him while out of your sight...

A horse doesnt just change overnight for no reason.. unless something has hurt or scared the crap out of him..

I am only reading what you have written on this and thats my thoughts...

I doubt someone hit him. Like, seriously doubt it. It's an extremely reputable stable, and the people there are great.

My dad theorized that he may have been abused at a stable before in his past, so that's why he went a little crazy.

TristaJean 08-19-2012 06:55 PM

Also, I did get one almost normal ride out of him there. I took him around the track, and then he decided that he wanted to go back to the barn, and started a big bucking and rearing fit.
While I was riding him around the track, his gait were normal and he was responsive as he ever is. He just decided he didn't want to work.

rookie 08-19-2012 06:57 PM

I am so sorry that you and Arrow are having this trouble! I think there is merit in the idea that he was hit or frightened in some way. I think a big clue on that is that he is back to 70% at your house. I also think that his rearing might be him getting your number a bit. So, he knows he can do that and not have to work. I would first off have a vet out to see him, check his back and teeth as potential sources of pain. If no pain and no points on his teeth. I would speak to a professional trainer and get a few lessons on him. The idea of sending him to a trainer is great; however, in the end you have to ride him not the trainer.

Its not my place to tell you to sell or keep your horse. I think no matter what horse you end up with you are going to have rough patches. Thats okay provided you can stay safe and work through them. If Arrow starts acting better and you still don't find that connection and drive then consider selling him. If he has a bunch of good rides and you still don't trust him then find him a new home. I know its a popular idea to sell a horse thats not an ideal match for a rider. I just worry when people start selling horses they don't feel comfortable or who display dangerous behaviors. You have to be careful these days selling a safe, sane sensible horse and double or triple so selling a horse thats anything less then perfect. If you do sell you have to assume the knowledge that your horse may end up going to a place you may or may not support (ie slaughter).

DieselPony 08-19-2012 06:59 PM

Is there any possibility he was dinking around in the trailer on the way to the stable and pulled something?
Something being pulled or bruised may not have bothered him until the next day after standing around all night. And depending on where/how, riding out forward and fairly straight on the track may not have bothered him.

Check out the pain idea, and then bring a trainer in. If you are scared and try to fix any habits he may have formed already it may just turn into a disaster. And if you can never get to trusting him again, well at least a trainer is working with him when you try to sell him and he won't get worse.

TristaJean 08-19-2012 07:03 PM


Originally Posted by rookie (Post 1651770)
If you do sell you have to assume the knowledge that your horse may end up going to a place you may or may not support (ie slaughter).

I know, and just thinking about it makes me sick. IF I did sell Arrow, I would be extremely careful who I sold to, and I would definitely ask to see where they would be keeping him before selling him. I would also really try to have an agreement to buy him back before they listed him for sale, if they ever were to sell him.

canterburyhorsetrailrider 08-19-2012 07:04 PM

My thoughts again.. If your horse had been abused earlier at a stable he would remember it, but if you are his leader and he accepts you as such he wont have changed, as you are still the one who was and is still riding him at this new location.

Again, I have been with horses for a long time and know they dont change behaviour unless some outside force, what ever that may have been has scared , diseased, or hurt your horse........... initially my thoughts were that he could have been suffering from a bout of colic etc, when you said he was kicking out and especially when you said he rolled with you still on him.. again he is trying to tell you he in not comfortable..

Keep an eye on him... If this behaviour continues for a few days, personally I would call a vet just for a check up of him..!

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