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shaggy 08-19-2012 08:20 PM

I feel like I don't know anything.
Lately I feel like I know nothing about horses. I feel like when post something on here someone comes back saying I don't know what I'm talking about. But its not just on here I feel like I don't know what I'm doing with my horse Shaggy. I read plenty go horse books and i've tried so many excerises but how do I know if I'm doing anything right. Please don't say get a trainer cause theres not any in my area believe me i've been looking since my ex trainer took off a year ago. I don't know I feel so discouraged.

Cmurray4175 08-19-2012 08:33 PM

Keep your head up... There's always something new to learn, including the most experienced. It's one thing I've noticed with horseman and fisherman is that everyone knows more than the next. LOL! Don't let it ruin your experience. Some ppl are a natural, others have to work harder at it. As long as your riding safe and your horse does what you ask of it, unless you're showing, don't worry about finesse. Good luck and have fun :) with love, from a novice backyard rider
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rookie 08-19-2012 08:41 PM

Hi Shaggy,
I am so sorry you are feeling down. The horse world in any form can make a person feel like a total fool! Everyone has an idea on how things should be done. In the end, if you like your horse and your horse likes and respects you thats all that matters. I have reached that point after years of dealing with "horse people". I like my horses, they are not perfect. My good mare is stubborn, looks like a mule, is out of shape and I would not sell her for all the gold in the world. I am the only one in the world who thinks of her as a good mare. I don't care. She and I get each other and the rest of the world can go suck eggs.

The "horse attitude" displayed by many riders is why I got out of showing. Sometimes its hard to feel happy and proud for an achievement when everyone around you is nitpicking on the one thing you did wrong.

What specifically are you having an issue with? You mention a trainer and I wondered what the need was? I totally get how hard it can be to find a good trainer. Its hard to find someone who shares your goals and wants to help. I am a non-competitive primarily trail rider. That said I want to be a good rider. I want to be balanced and communicate with my horse. I take lessons when I can afford it. Its so hard to find someone who understands that you want to be trained like you are going for the grand championship but you never intend to even set foot on a show site with your horse.

Remember: just about the time someone starts thinking they have all the answers the world knocks them over. I hope you start feeling better soon!

usandpets 08-19-2012 08:44 PM

Don't feel too bad. Everyone has to go thru that. It would be best to have a trainer or an experienced horse person to help you. Otherwise you just have to learn by trial and error.
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El Paso 08-19-2012 08:48 PM

Keep your head up! No need to feel down just because you don't know everything; I'm constantly looking like a fool when a much more experienced vet tells me that I'm wrong about all kinds of things. I don't feel down because of it… :-)

Copperhead 08-19-2012 08:54 PM

You know what?

My mare has been doing great over the past 2 months. Today I took her out and she reared 4 times with me (while riding bareback out of the pasture) and when I put the saddle on her, she bolted twice for no reason. We both had a horrible ride. By the end of the hour, she was cantering on a loose rein, but I had to fight for those two canter circles.

I was having some doubts by the time i put her back. She had come so far so fast and I was so proud and today was just a disaster. But you know what? You learn from what happens. You appreciate the small things. She was a monster the whole ride, but it makes me that much more grateful for the loose rein canter circles at the end.

Don't get discouraged. Be grateful for the small things you do accomplish. Small things build into big things, and before you know it, you've accomplished much more than you thought you could, simply by doing small things.

waresbear 08-19-2012 09:03 PM

Just enjoy your horse and when a good instructor comes your way, you're in!

Island Horselover 08-19-2012 09:09 PM

If you are happy and your horse is doing what you want then you are probalbly doing it right! Every horse is different and as long as you enjoy working with your horse and your horse gives you the right response you are doing awesome! Who cares what others say or think? It is your horse and you have to find the best way to work with it and enjoy it!!!

shaggy 08-19-2012 10:21 PM

Thanks guys you've made me fill a lot better =) I honestly don't know where all these insecurities and confidence issues keep coming from. I know for one thing I'm really bad to second guess myself on everything and I do mean everything! Even un horse related things. Like yesterday Shaggy and I a great ride. As I was riding around outside the ring (which where I ride most of the time now since the owners told me they were gonna tear the ring down) it was getting dark but decided to ride to the gate and back which good ways down thru the field. Shaggy took care of me the whole way even tho I know he felt my nervousness and the dog walking beside us didn't help (not that she would do anything stupid but it was dark). but despite my nervousness we got to the gate and back to ring with no problems. But when were done I kept thinking about what could have happened had spooked or something and I don't really know why. Its been happening after every ride lately. I just keeping about what could have happened if I lost control of my horse.

COWCHICK77 08-19-2012 11:06 PM

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I have been riding for 30 yrs and I still feel like an idiot.

Horses, people but most likely youself will make you feel that way.
Don't feel bad, try to take in everything you can and learn, may it be good horses or people or bad horses or people ;)
You can learn something from them all.

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