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Missy May 08-20-2012 12:43 AM

If you research what scholarships are available to high school kids going to college (as opposed to those already attending college), you will quickly learn that many exclude Caucasians. I find this disturbing. A kid is excluded based on the color or their skin or ethnic background (e.g., white but not “Hispanic”)? More interesting, there have been a few tiny (in dollar amount) scholarships that were, in fact, for whites only – all came under serious fire. Yet, the Gates Millennium scholarship, which blatantly excludes any and all Caucasians, is “celebrated”. There are plenty of talented, bright, underprivileged Caucasian kids that, b/c of the color of their skin, will not be able to go where the “other kids go”.
Racism is either a good, or it is not. It looks to me like it is now being celebrated.

kitten_Val 08-20-2012 08:00 AM

I never looked into it, but if it's true indeed, it's sad. Public scholarships (provided by university, public foundations, state, etc.) should be granted based on needs and achievements, not race or ethnicity.

However there are private scholarships too (sponsored by specific person, organization, or just donations), and you can't really do anything about it - it's their right to chose who they want to support.

Kayty 08-20-2012 08:34 AM

I work in an International Office of a major Australian University. We do not actually offer many scholarships at undergrad level for International Students as a whole. But at Postgrad level there are a number of scholarships available. Nearly all are based on academic merit - if you are an exceptional student with appropriate experience, then you have a very good chance.

Other scholarships are geared towards students from developing nations. And I think this is absolutely justified, since there are a incredibly greater opportunities for a student from a developed nation to attend University. Yes you may not come from a wealthy family, but you will find that if you dig deep enough, funding from the government and low paying jobs will get you through it.
Students from developing nations don't even have that chance.
Many of our students who are awarded such scholarships, come from slums. They have so much appreciation for the opportunity they have been given.
And yes, these nations tend to be primarily those of coloured skin.
It is not geared on skin colour, but the nation itself.

Faceman 08-20-2012 08:54 AM

Public scholarships should be available to anyone. I see nothing wrong with private scholoarships being targeted to whatever the organization or person wants. Would you say it was wrong to target a scholarship to blind students or students with MD or to orphans? Everyone has their "cause", and I see nothing wrong with tareting one's money to a group one wants to empower. Again though, when you are talking about public funds, that is a different matter...

Missy May 08-20-2012 12:31 PM

So far I have only found privately funded scholarships that are race based. I agree that a private entity should have the right to discriminate w impunity. However, that is not the case nor does it prevent me from finding both racism and the fact not all racism is treated equally - offensive. The law does not necessarily address how morally "right" or "fair" or unethical something is, however, a lot of laws have been changed b/c people collectively found them "morally wrong" and demanded change - BEFORE they argued that they were unconstitutional. Corporations do not want the negative press they would be guaranteed if they handed race based scholarships to anything other than "non-whites". Where is the "moral outrage"? It seems the meaning of the mathmatical term "equal" has been completely lost by society when it is accepted, even celebrated, that children are the target of extreme racism.

And, FM, a physical handicap is a measurable "disadvantage", skin color is not. I personally don't find race a "cause" any more than I find "bay" or "sorrel" a "cause". And, no, that doesn't change the fact a private organization has the right to discriminate.

I am not in Australia, but scholarships for "underprivelaged" make sense to me b/c a given quantity of money is required to attend any given institution whereas a given "skin color" is not.

Faceman 08-20-2012 03:09 PM

Well I disagree...somewhat. The color of one's skin is most definitely a disadvantage. That disadvantage is quantifiable with even a casual glance at demographic data, and while becoming less and less with each passing decade, is still there nonetheless, just as it is still a disadvantage to be a woman in the workplace, although that likewise is waning. I have seen racism and gender bias in the workplace my entire life, so know very well they exist.

I also don't consider a private scholarship targetting a particular racial or ethnic group as "racism". I see no racism in a black that establishes a scholarship fund to help educate and empower black students, or a Hispanic person establishing a scholarship program to help educate and emplower Hispanic students, or a white person establishing a scholarship program to help educate white, blonde, bue-eyed women with nice legs so they wouldn't be the butt of blonde jokes...

Missy May 08-20-2012 04:22 PM

FM, I have no objection with the practice of scholarships based on race, by itself. I object when that criterian is coupled with the fact that "race based" scholarships cannot include the caucasion "race". An organization can legally offer "whites only" scholarships, no argument. However, it is not practiced b/c organizations perform a 2 second "risk assesment" and determine that today's culture is so racist that if they offered scholarships to "whites only", they could/would be severly financially impacted. The fact that there are almost no such scholarships is proof of this fact.

Due to this defacto discrimination, when all things are held equal (scores, grades, extra curricular activities, assets) a white kid will not get the same higher education opportunities as their "other races" peers. These are kids, there is nothing that can justify this type of prejudice.

The real tragedy to this is - taken as a whole, kids today are far less "race conscious". This "scholarship racism" will not assist in capturing the beauty of that - quite the opposite.

If the word "racism" only applies to descrimination against races other than whites, the use of the word has evolved to such a point that we need a new term - one that is less "racist".

Faceman 08-20-2012 06:46 PM


Originally Posted by Missy May (Post 1652883)
Due to this defacto discrimination, when all things are held equal (scores, grades, extra curricular activities, assets) a white kid will not get the same higher education opportunities as their "other races" peers. These are kids, there is nothing that can justify this type of prejudice.

I certainly agree that the term racism should be applied equally, no matter what direction it is coming from.

However as to the quote above, I have to disagree. There are all kinds of variables you are not taking into consideration. Look at the demographics. Blacks as a group make less money than whites and are less able to send their kids to school. There is a higher rate of disfunctional families among blacks. Unemployment among black teenagers is ridiculously high, meaning it is more difficult for them to work their way through school as many white kids do. Is it impossible? Of course not, but you have to look at the black universe and the white universe as groups - not individuals.

I am as opposed to reverse discrimination as anyone - most likely more than most. And I am disgusted when minorities or women are treated differently in the workplace than their white male counterparts - assuming the quantity and quality of their work is equal. But I also recognize and accept that the playing field is not level - and it is certainly not uphill for whites and downhill for blacks and Hispanics as you suggest. That doesn't mean I think they should be given a blank check or just have a bucket of money dumped in their lap because they are a minority. But I don't see private scholarships targetting blacks or other minorities as anything more than providing an opportunity they might otherwise have had if they had been white...

Missy May 08-20-2012 09:23 PM

Well, I will have to respectfully agree to disagree b/c our perspectives appear to differ to greatly. I take everyone as an individual and resent ever being judged as anything other than on an individual basis. If I am not as talented in a given area, to bad for me – I do not want or deserve special treatment. If I am equally as talented - toss a coin.

To allow the statistical per capita income differences between races to determine any individual kid’s educational opportunities is wrong.

Like I said, my displeasure isn’t with those that want to exclude whites from their scholarship funds; rather, it is w the fact that the society effectively excludes individuals from attending college b/c of their race, and their race alone, by ensuring virtually all race based scholarships exclude whites. And, society collectively feels it would be racists to do otherwise!

I don't find sacrificing one kid's future any more acceptable than murdering "just one" person for the "betterment" of anything.

At some point someone has to raise the BS flag, so…. consider it raised!

boots 08-20-2012 10:13 PM

And some exclude people whose parents weren't in the armed services during Viet Nam. And some excluse all but Irish-Americans.

Take your pick. Scholarships are generally targeted toward a particular group of people.

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