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lostonthefarm 08-20-2012 01:31 AM

Dapple Gray in need of professional training
Gracie, about 4 years old, has recently come to our farm. I had been feeding her for the past two years as the neighbors didn't take care of her. Because of their divorcing, I bought Gracie. I don't know how much training she's had though I'm sure not much, but I can get a halter on her. She recently bit me and lunged and snapped at my 3 year old grandson. I will care for her but I want her to be a respectful and safe horse. Riding would be great someday. I read 4 books and realize I am not able nor trained to handle her training. I live in SE Oklahoma and so far, haven't had any luck finding a trainer. Please help with any information that could help me. Thank you, Donna

BarrelracingArabian 08-20-2012 04:20 AM

I would atleast carry a dressage whip or something of the sort whenever you interact with her. If she comes at you make yourself big and do not be afraid tp give her a good wack it'll startle her but won't hurt her( just dont hit her in the face). Also refrain from any and all hand feeding and do not allow your grandson around her until you have full control of her. As for the trainer thing keep searching and even if you have tl ship her out a few hours the biting is never acceptable and is her way of showing she is dominant over you.
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kait18 08-20-2012 04:33 PM

are there any boarding barns around?

most trainers at these facilites do not have there own website i have found so if you stop by some boarding barns you will be able to find a trainer who mets your needs. just talk with them and get there feed back

for starters you want training in groundwork and need to focus on respect. so when they ask what training your horse needs be specific and tell them the above and also fill them in on the behaviors you do not like. this will help them focus in on things you do not want to tolerate.

when you send your horse off for training make sure you also go to get training with the horse. alot of people forget to do that and when the horse comes home the horse is back to its old behavior.

on that note in the meantime of handling this horse carry a crop/whip/stick etc so that if this horse does come at you, you wack him on the shoulder ( most likely that will be the closest thing to you). if you are scared of hurting the horse DO NOT BE!! no matter how hard you swing a crop/whip or stick you can not really hurt them. you can scare the bejeez out of them but not hurt them. its your life over theres.

so find a trainer quickly. plus if you find one soon you might also be able to have the horse started undersaddle.

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