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xJumperx 08-20-2012 09:05 PM

Barrel Heights, and Where to Get Em!!
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Hello :)

Okay, I am on the hunt for some nice barrels :D
Why? Well, we took Mr. Cowboy to a new trainer recently (sticking with her ;) and she asked us to jump the barrels.
That was a fight.
I've had 3 lessons with her, and Cowboy HATES the barrels. She has many sets, all different. He's done them all now, but is still hesitant every single time. I'm thinking he needs more practice with him. Do understand I'd only ever jump him one other time than lessons, but I still think it's better than just lessons.
Plus, since Diamond is my Jumpers(<3) pony, I want to get her over AMAP - and she isn't too fond of barrels either. Though she is much, MUCH braver than Cowboy, barrels are the one and only thing she slows down and thinks twice about. I'd like to take that out to keep our times high.

So, now for my actualy question :) I am looking for some good barrels, perferably not those metal ones, but I'd take em for free. I was wondering a good place to look for them, as well as their height sitting on their side?
For example - How tall is a 30 gallon barrel laid on it's side? I'm looking to have a barrel about 2' - 2'3 in height. No higher, but not much lower. If you could let me know the gallon size of a barrel of that height, that would be awesome :)

Thank You Guys!!

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