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MacabreMikolaj 08-20-2012 11:52 PM

This is how you train a roping horse...
Bahaha, I seriously love our horses. Our new barn is awesome because it's a roping barn - the whole facility is designed to be able to herd cows into the outdoor ring and indoor ring, with complete setup for competition plus a bunch of dummies for training. While outside, Shay-la found a rope and decided to try. After about half an hour of figuring it out, she was actually managing to rope the dummy a few times so we decided to try on horseback! These horses have NEVER been roped off, NEVER seen a dummy, never had anything like this done.

As you can see Justus couldn't have cared less. Jynx side stepped the first couple times but managed. ZIERRA made me laugh - she was TERRIFIED of the dummies, TERRIFIED of Shay-la throwing the rope, TERRIFIED of being TERRIFIED of everything that moved. And when Shay-la finally climbs on her, stands like a rock for pretty much the entire experience. You gotta love those crazy Arabs!

So enjoy our little endeavor into roping! I would LOVE to actually try this on Jynx.

The very first try!

Whoops, got the horn!


Jynxy's turn!

Zierra's is coming, taking forever to upload!

equiniphile 08-20-2012 11:56 PM

Lol, love it! Looks like a ton of fun.

MacabreMikolaj 08-21-2012 12:42 AM

They do heading and heeling and have their own mini herd of steers and I want so badly to try it out! As if we don't dabble in enough already LOL
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