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Lockwood 08-21-2012 10:44 AM

Is gun violence a social disease?
My local paper ran this story a week ago from USAToday…

Doctors target gun violence as a social disease

I’ve not been able to keep totally atop current affairs for lack of time lately, but in light of recent events this was thought provoking.
Not trying to open a can of worms....really, but I will say that the idea of going to a movie has seriously changed for me.
For whatever reason it brought to mind second hand smoke from cigarettes. Used to be, it was believed to be harmless and perfectly acceptable, but now we know how dangerous it can be. (No offense to smokers, just a random comparison.)

With advancements in science, medicine, technology, public health, etc… this idea seems a little late in coming, but at least it is being tossed around.

texasgal 08-21-2012 11:18 AM

I would buy that VIOLENCE is a social disease. Guns are just one of the many choices used by violent people that have no regard for human life.

faye 08-21-2012 11:33 AM

hand guns and carrying arms in public is illegal here in the UK, heck even carrying a knife in public is illegal.
We have relativly few shootings and when we do they hit national headlines.
I have never ever feared walking down the street, going to the movies, sitting in the park, getting completly blotto in the pub and then walking home with equaly tipsy friends.

We do have knife crime and it is a problem, however you have a much higher chance of sustaining a non lethal wound from a knife then you have from a bullet, Also killing rampages are not of the same scale and you get one maybe 2 people injured rather than the entire contents of the cinema.

Personaly I see it is an endemic problem in countries where guns are legal. you've got very little chance of solving the problem unfortunatly, from what i've seen your average american doesnt want to get rid of thier guns because the criminals have them, however the general public having guns makes it incredibly easy for criminals to get thier hands on it, catch 22 situation.

wetrain17 08-21-2012 01:18 PM

More like go get a job instead of killing people and taking what they have. If America wasn't so upside down and made it harder to live with out a job, people would be a little more motivated to find one and then have less time on their hands.

Missy May 08-21-2012 07:36 PM

I don't buy their premise that it is a disease on the basis people are shot any more than driving is a disease because there are accidents.

Without the enforcement of traffic laws , there would be far, far more traffic fatalities - guardrails or no guardrails. Murders are ordinarily committed by people w a prior arrest record. If current laws were enforced, there would be far fewer murders. You can not control people's thoughts, but you can control how they behave, by and large, w punishment for criminal behavior. If criminals actually paid their debt to society, not caused society to go into debt....I am sure it would change the behavior of most of the criminal minded.

SouthernTrails 08-21-2012 08:14 PM


The "Disease" is a lack of respect and caring for other people.


boots 08-21-2012 08:26 PM


Originally Posted by SouthernTrailsGA (Post 1654634)

The "Disease" is a lack of respect and caring for other people.


Utter selfishness.

dbarabians 08-21-2012 10:06 PM

Yes I think it is.
A lot of violence in our country is related to alcohol, drugs, and mental disorders.
This issues are rampant and generally go untreated.
a disease is somethng that is lifethreatening, has symptoms, and can be treated.
IMO gun violence fits that description to a T.
A gun cann ot fire itself but the person that pulls that trigger unless it is in selfdefense is not in his or her right state of mind.

kitten_Val 08-21-2012 10:11 PM

Can you still buy the gun legally if you have mental issues (by that I mean you are under treatment or is on a list in mental facility if there is such a thing)? Or it depends on state?

dbarabians 08-21-2012 10:59 PM

Your medical records are private.
Unless you have been court ordered the public has no right to know your mental status.
There is no way to protect a patients medical history and disclose such information for gun registraion purposes. Shalom

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