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HarleyWood 08-24-2012 09:37 PM

moms horse angry?
well me and my moms horse have never gotten along well, but ive gotten him to come a long way. a year ago he was pretty much wild and spooked at everything and was scared when you touched him. now tou can touch ihm everywhere and he has no problem with it, he still doesnt alway come over to us when we have a halter but we can get him just fine. but the problem is that when ever i work with him he will pin his ears but will do what i ask. tonight i had him in a small pen and had him without his halter and was spining him around and he was doing it but pinning his ears. and when i was standing a way from him he would come to me and be interested in what i was doing.

any way to get him to stop pinning his ears? its not like i work him hard everyday i work with him a few times a week.

natisha 08-24-2012 09:51 PM

I have a chronic ear pinner except when she's working or handled. Not a mean bone in her body but she looks vicious when you look at her or leave her stall. It's just her way.
I'm so used to it that if she ever looked happy when on her own time I would probably call a vet.

HarleyWood 08-24-2012 10:06 PM

he seems to LOVE my mom (she hasnt ridden him much) and i have im the one who works with him and has gotten him this far.

i know what you mean when my QH is distaint from me i know something is wrong!

SorrelHorse 08-24-2012 10:19 PM

Sometimes ear pinning is expression. For example, when Selena works a cow she has her ears flat on her head the entire time. Same when she runs the barrel pattern. She's not hurt but she's plenty intense about it.

There's also a big knabstrup gelding at our barn who has been there for like 20 years. His name is Tucker....As in, ear tucker. :lol: Makes ugly faces at you everytime you walk by. But he's the best horse ever.

^^ He's the first horse in that video. lol

I would have him vet checked anyway though.

HarleyWood 08-25-2012 01:06 AM

hes done this since we got him last july, only to me and the vets have seen him twice and always say hes just fine. he has been cribbing on EVERYthing and when i had him on probiotics he stoped cribbing but hes been off of it for a week and hes back to cribbing. my horse was herding him today when i was having my QHs feet done and he kicked my horse for it, and they still were fighting after it. he seems to pin his ears a lot but i notice it more when im around him.

loosie 08-25-2012 03:10 AM

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A dominant type I suppose. As with the others, I would consider health problems & bad training/handling(eg perhaps he's 'giving you the finger' & you need to be firm while being fair & positive), but wouldn't stress over it. I might work on teaching an 'ears forward' cue with 'clicker training' principles if it really bothered me.


Originally Posted by HarleyWood (Post 1659143)
hes done this since we got him last july, only to me and the vets have seen him twice and always say hes just fine. he has been cribbing on EVERYthing and when i had him on probiotics he stoped cribbing but hes been off of it for a week and hes back to cribbing.

This concerns me. It could also be at the root of the grumpy looks. But whether or not, as it sounds like he has ulcers & it sounds like he mightn't yet be at the point of no return for the obsessive compulsive behaviour of 'cribbing', which is also definitely best to treat/avoid causes asap. Firstly I'd put him back on the probiotics ASAP if that helped so much. Then I'd carefully evaluate his diet & lifestyle & change to healthier food, environment & practices where necessary. Then I'd call the vet.

HarleyWood 08-25-2012 11:50 AM

hes out 24/7 with hay all the time and he gets very little sweetfeed and more plain oats. hes been trying to be over someone forever! my two horses are top dogs, my QH has always been top no matter who we have or get. and my paint has been his second as we only had two of them for a few months and he will pick on moms horse and moms horse will pick on him. he will go after my dogs. and we are getting our horse dentist out this fall to check on all of them.

Saddlebag 08-25-2012 03:19 PM

My twh would reach for the moon when I put my hand on his poll. The first exercise was to teach him about clicker training and the use of a target so he'd understand how the click works followed by the treat. The second exercise was placing my hand on his withers and lightly squeezing his neck. His head went up but he was c/t when it came down. Gradually my hand worked it's way up his neck until he was ok with it resting on his poll and lowering his head. Because he'd always turn his ears back, not pinned I stopped c/t when he lowered his head until his ears were forward. It took a few 10 min sessions. The treat is a great motivator.

loosie 08-26-2012 12:58 AM

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Why does he get sweetfeed & oats? What else does he get? I'd ditch the sweets yesterday & seriously consider the need for oats & possible better alternatives for that need, especially considering ulcers. You may find if he can become healthy & pain free, his grumpiness might just evaporate.

HarleyWood 08-26-2012 08:02 PM

i dont like clicker training, and my mom wouldnt know how to or do it at all. ive always feed all my horses sweetfeed, and oats. my qh has been on it for 5 year and he seems healthy and his mane and tail are nice. its what we always feed, they all look forward to it everyday. ive never had problems with feeding it.

hes also on Apple cider vinegar, so is my paint, my Qh would be on it but he diesnt like the smell or something.

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