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garlicbunny 08-25-2012 09:04 AM

which grazing muzzle?
It looks as if at least one of our horses is going to need a grazing muzzle. I am looking at one of the three Best Friends models as they rated high in Whole Horse Journel. The first one is Have a Heart model, the second down from that is the Deluxe...both of which have their own halter so it is attached. The last one you provice your own halter is the standard.
I am thinking of going with the most exspensive one (Have a Heart) because it looks like that extra strap might help keep it on.

Any advice or tips would be great even if it isn't a BF off the the barn to ride before it gets hot..Thank you!

walkinthewalk 08-25-2012 09:25 AM

I prefer "Tough-1 Easy Breath" because the nostril holes are so much bigger.

The grass hole is a bit bigger than on Best Friends or Weavers BUT my horse was chewing thru the rubber to make the hole bigger anyway - not good for the teeth:-(

He's a big-headed TWH and I could hear him struggle to breath in the Weaver muzzles which are just like Best Friends in that regard.

Once I started using the Tough-1 Easy Breath, my horse went from running to the back corner of his stall, when he saw the muzzle coming, to flipping it on himself.

As far as wear and tear, I keep a muzzle on this fella from March thru at least November (I'm in southern Middle Tennessee where there's warmth a lot longer).

This is the second year for the Tough-1; until recently, when the farrier really did a number the horse, this muzzle goes a-wandering on 22 acres.

I wash it every single night in warm water and Dawn dish soap. The material at the top of the basket and in front, needed duct taped this spring. The cloth material is only now starting to show a bit of wear. I have no doubt it will finish this year.

I have a new one hanging in the closet --- mehbee I'll need it for the third season and mehbee I won't:-P

I didn't used to do this but I now put it on under the face mask. He's figured out how to rub the muzzle on the ground when he rolls and get it off:lol:

Saddles Tack Horse Supplies - Tough-1 Easy Breathe Grazing Muzzle

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