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Ali M 08-25-2012 04:06 PM

Breeding Manager Available
Hello everyone!

I am currently a breeding manager at a small warmblood facility in Texas. I have been working there since graduating from college and I have learned SO much. I have a wonderful comanager and a great team of cheerful, happy employees. Im completely certain that Ive chosen the right career for me and ansolutely love every day of my job. However I feel I have outgrown my current barn and would like to work for a larger facility with more client traffic and a bigger breeding program.

I'm a hard worker (I'd like to think that's a given in this industry, you won't succeed unless you absolutely love it!) and I have a four year degree from Colorado State in Equine Science, with a minor in business and French. At my current job I have started learning how to ultrasound, can artificially inseminate, managed a total of five employees, feed, clean stalls, do farm maintenance, drive farm equipment, start foals and work all the way up to training them under saddle, use Quickbooks, foal watch/foaling out mares, and invoice clients.

I would like to stay within the English world if possible just because thats what I have experience training and riding in so far, but I'm willing to learn how to do anything if someone is willing to teach me properly. I think a horse is a horse and have no problem experiencing all the different breeds and disciplines out there. I am looking for something ASAP and would love to talk if anyone knows of an opening somewhere. I am willing to relocate as long as I can give three or four weeks notice to give my current job time to replace me and get myself all packed up. Thanks!

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