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SorrelHorse 08-26-2012 12:59 AM

SO upset, but thrilled too!
Alright so some of you guys know I showed my mare Selena in the freestyle reining. First time she has done any reining in four months and before that about a year. We have been doing all speed events/equitation.

Well, she worked GREAT. I mean, she was a little pushy because she was searching for barrels or poles or SOMETHING she had to run and turn around. I ended up moving my large fast circles to the beginning of my run because she was just so hot, I knew if I just let her go it would be a better show to the judges than if I was fighting her and trying to rein her into the slow stuff first. But let me just say, her large fast circles were VERY fast and VERY correct. I don't think I've ever had her go faster. She ran just on gear below barrel racer speed and she did it in a beautiful frame and almost effortless. After that, I reined her in and let her lope on a loose rein and she realized that we weren't running barrels, and she settled down.

Oh, and if I may brag, we NAILED out three time tempi changes. I couldn't even feel her shift under me. Loose rein, straight line, effortless. I know we marked high for those! So proud of her. They were beautiful.

Now, on the "I'm upset" side of things...

I went to the video booth to request my run be video'd. I wanted it to be in my senior project. I emphasized that I NEEDED this video for my project. I offered to pay them for it ahead of time. At the table was a guy and his wife. The guy insisted I need not do that, because he would video all the freestyle runs, quote on quote "all freestyle runs are always videod". I told him, jokingly "Okay I trust you, I'm not going to have anyone else in the stands with a camera." and he laughed and assured me numerous times that he would have it done.

And guess what I find out when I go to the booth.

Not only did he NOT, video my run, but I waited at that booth for a flippin' hour waiting for his wife to be done taking photos of ONE HORSE AND RIDER to get the news that I would not be getting my video. Who takes a freakin' hour to take a photo of a horse and a girl with a bloody ribbon?? My horse was out in the heat for that hour when she could have been hosed off and in her stall back at home.

You wanna know what else? They got pictures. They got flippin' pictures. Yet they didn't march their camera happy selves three feet to the video stand to get it. Oh well I guess. I'm really mad. They told me they would get me prints and a DVD of the pictures for free though because they missed it....I'm still mad. There goes a key part of my senior project video. That'll teach me to rely on horse show videographers....

Anyway, until I get that dvd with the photos in the mail, here's some bad quality cell phone pictures....

For those of you that don't know we rode to Highway to Hell by ACDC

I'll post the photos from the dvd when I get it in the mail....

Cacowgirl 08-26-2012 01:58 PM

Oh, man-sorry they didn't get that recorded. Then they took so long to tell you also. Not real professional. Can a video be done anywhere else?

SorrelHorse 08-26-2012 02:25 PM

Yeah I definitely won't be using them again...But there was no other booth there to choose from :/ It's really upsetting not only because I wanted it for my project, but also because that was an awesome run and I really wanted to see it. It's seldom my Mom succeeds at getting good videos of us, and of course the one time she gets a good quality picture it's when we're doing something bad....Figures. :lol:

Oh well....

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