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kitten_Val 08-26-2012 05:45 PM

eBook reader / kindle reader - suggestions?
Parents asked me to get one for them for X-mas, and I have to say I have no idea what to look for (I either use my laptop to read, or just ol' fashion books). So any ideas/suggestions/experience/warnings would be greatly appreciated! :-)

CLaPorte432 08-26-2012 05:52 PM

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The Kindle Fire is a really good one. You can get online, watch movies and of books.

I have a Nook and really like it. But i do like the Kindle too.

They are pretty much the same thing. I dont think your parents will have a problem with either of them. ;-)

ETA: Get the insurance on it too! My dog chewed my first one...No insurance ='s no new Nook for a long time. :-(
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Joe4d 08-26-2012 06:56 PM

just get a basic tablet, then download "kindle for PC". You'll have a reader and a computer.

DancingArabian 08-26-2012 07:17 PM

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The newer kindles are just like tablets though I thought? Can't you cruise the internet and such with them?

Try going to a store like Best Buy and talk to the sales reps there, IMO. It's easier to get a feel for what you're buying something unfamiliar when you can see it and interact with a demo.

PaintHorseMares 08-26-2012 08:07 PM


Originally Posted by DancingArabian (Post 1660695)
The newer kindles are just like tablets though I thought? Can't you cruise the internet and such with them?

Yes, the Kindle Fire is basically a low end tablet that allows you to run most the the Andriod applications, cruise the internet, do your email, etc.

HorseMom1025 08-26-2012 08:20 PM

Personally, I prefer the Kindle touch. The main reason is the contrast. The problem with reading on a tablet. (thru the Kindle app) is that the screen backlight starts hurting your eyes. The Kindle, Kindle touch and Nook readers use an e-ink that doesn't cause eye strain.

I've read books both ways...the Kindle (not fire) gives the best "almost book" feel.

I will still buy "real" books, but I love carrying my Kindle so I always have an "emergency" book on hand.

Hope that helps!
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SEAmom 08-26-2012 08:42 PM

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My husband and I both have the nooks. We chose them because they have sd card slots (that the kindle doesn't have) for impressive expansion. The most important aspect of that is that far more books/books on tape/magazines/etc can be suited on the device itself. The kindle limits users to what can be stored in the in board memory and the rest goes in their "cloud" storage. So if there's no internet access, nothing can be imported to the kindle. Nooks aren't limited by that. Depending on how tech savvy your parents want to be, or are, nooks can also be rooted, which opens up an entire plethora of possibilities. Rooting a nook basically turns it into a tablet with an android operating system.
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Cat 08-26-2012 08:51 PM

I have the basic kindle and love it. I rarely use my tablet for reading - the screen is hard on the eyes. The basic kindle & kindle touch both have the screens that are more like reading real print.

And SEAmom - you aren't limited to what is on the cloud. You just need a USB cord to connect your kindle to the computer and you can pull whatever is on your computer for reading onto your kindle. Just a little different method, but the same result. And as to storage limits - I have hundred of books and haven't gotten near my limit yet and my kindle has the smallest amount of storage out of the options.

wild_spot 08-26-2012 08:59 PM

I have the kindle touch and I love it. I can't read on my iPad for the reasons others mentioned - the backlight gives me a headache. The E-Ink on my kindle is great. It goes well with y iPad too, I buy a book on my iPad, turn on my personal hotspot and download it to my kindle. Takes about 3 minutes to be reading the next book in a series :)
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farmpony84 08-26-2012 09:18 PM

I think it depends on what they want to use it for. I have the nook and I use it only to read books, it's why I wanted it and I absolutely love it. The version I have does not have a back light which is awesome for reading in the sun but at night I have to use a book light. It works well for me but I'm not picky and like I said, I just wanted it for reading books and did not want any other bells and whistles.

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