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Ashleysmardigrasgirl 08-26-2012 06:47 PM

Third times a charm for horse boarding.
:D I FINALLY found a new place to board my horse after changing barns 2 times before; this time it's actually located in central boulder, co it's literally the closest horse property and will allocate enough money for food when all is said and done X-D. I couldn't ask for a better place! And really wanted to share my hoo-rah moment! The place is amazing! a huge pond, two rivers, and a lake plus a huge trail system (literally can get anywhere in the state on this trail) right off of the property. She'll be one of two-three horses max with a few llamas all grazing 24-7. Plus there's a ton of tree's so she may not need to be blanketed all day long because she gets sunburned and flakey skin all along her topline from the sun (cursed pink skin)... The final plus is the property is gated with a keypad which was a major concern for my other stable not only was in almost a 30mile drive both ways but, there were times when I went to visit that her lead and halter were tied VERY differently from the way I had them, plus she was in a stall with run all day eating 2x/day which I personally do not agree with at all... Not to mention i'm about 99.9% sure she was getting fed treats while I was gone because she started getting VERY mouthy ever since I've moved her to this last place... Either way, I'm beyond excited that come wed/thursday she'll only be a fifteen minute walk from my apartment and even less distance from the university.

Ive never had a horse on enough lush grass that feeding grass isn't necessary. I do not believe she will get thin from not being fed grass as there is plenty of land and grass I'm actually more concerned that she'll get too fat, lol. Then come the time when the grass starts to go away shell be supplemented until it comes back with grass, But I'd like to know from other people's experience if the protocall for care should remain the same, I will obviously feed her the normal ration of grain which isn't very much (2.5lbs every other day) but she stays fat off of it with two flakes of hay 2x/day in a stall I suspect with more freedom she may lean out but does anyone know of anything specific I need to look out for?

I will be sure to get pictures of the new barn and my soon to be happy horse once she realizes she's not going to be confined in a stall with run any longer.

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