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JustWingIt 08-26-2012 11:03 PM

Worried--will I get penalized?
Ok so, I recently bought my first horse in February after almost 8 years of riding lesson horses and lease horses and such. I really want to do hunters with my new gelding. I don't know that much about hunters, mostly just the basics. I am working with a really good trainer who I really like. My gelding has a good jump (as far as I'm aware) and tucks his knees up nicely, he has good manners and an awesome temperament, and he maintains a nice even pace throughout his course.
My concern is this: he does not exactly have that flat-kneed, ground covering trot and canter that most hunter horses have. I mean, he doesn't really have a TON of knee action but....
Will we get heavily penalized for this at shows? How important is it over the other things that judges look for?
I love him to bits but I don't want to go to show after show and not place because of something I can neither fix nor control, his conformation and way of moving...
Please help!
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maura 08-27-2012 07:14 AM

In an over fences class, it's a very small part of the overall score. Jumping form, 8 consisent spots, clean, unfussy lead changes and manners are way more important.

In an under saddle class, yes, it's one of the primary things judged, probably right after manners.

However, if you choose to do the over fences classes and skip the under saddle, you'll have lots of good company, lots of other competitors do the same thing for the same reason.

Sans 08-29-2012 11:20 PM

Depends on the company your showing in. Also are you wanting to go to local schooling shows or A circuit shows. It will effect your score ESP in the flat. Not so much over fences. But that said if your horse is the best of the day he will win it all depends on the other horses there

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