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livelovelaughride 08-28-2012 01:09 AM

Did you choose your horse or did your horse choose you?
I went with my coach to look at a TB gelding recently. I wasn't really ready to buy a horse yet, I was planning for next year. But my coach's coach had a nice horse for sale and it was worth looking at, she said.

I thought I wanted a mare, around 8-12 yrs, 15.2 hands-ish, and a bay if possible. I did not want a TB because my experiences with my TB lesson mare. I thought I'd never buy a TB! This gelding was older, bigger, and not quite what I wanted. But I went anyway.

So when I met and began grooming this gelding, I could not believe how high my emotions were. I kept wanting to cry. He walked over to me and hugged me. I thought, how affectionate. Even though he is one good looking horse, and a lovely ride, I had already made up my mind not to buy. That I kept wanting to cry -I could not figure this out. I told the owner it wasn't the right time for me financially, etc. and my plan for the next year. We said goodbye and I started crying again.

I got home and described our meeting to my good friend, who is an intuitive and a therapist. She said, that's a soul connection. Buy him.

Through my tears I blubbered oh my god you're right. I made arrangements right away to contact the owner and buy him. Even though he's older than I thought I wanted for a horse, he has impeccable ground manners, is so well schooled, and calm. He's also very affectionate and even though we've been together just under a couple months, we have bonded strongly already. He's teaching me. He has a calm manner, doesn't spook, and has very few quirks. And he is a medicine horse to boot.

I feel pretty special that we connected in this way. I have never experienced what I felt that day with any other animal. He is so loving and I am so in love!

Customcanines 08-28-2012 07:43 AM

Oh boy, did she choose us. I sort of hesitate to admit how I found my mare, except it is a lesson on how NOT to do it!! :lol:. After 40 years with no horses, I started looking for a trail horse. I used to train jumpers and had helped many people find horses, so I knew what to do. Even though I knew not to go by color alone, I decided I might as well look for the colors I wanted, and one would eventually come along. I was in no hurry. Yeah, right.

I started looking on craigslist and all of the horse sights for a palomino or buckskin gelding from 5 -10 years old, who was pretty much trail broke, and in my price range. My husband, who had broken and raised many young horses, was after me to get a young horse so we could train it. I wasn't convinced - the ground looks a lot harder at 59 than it did at 20. He TOTALLY wasn't interested in having a horse, and DEFINITELY not a palomino.

After perusing the ads continually for about a week without finding anything exciting, I finally found two palomino fillys for sale. They was very close to where I lived, so I decided, what the heck - I'll go look at them - what can it hurt? I certainly wasn't going to buy the first one that came along, didn't want a mare, and DEFINITELY didn't want a two year old, no matter what my husband said. :lol:
We looked at the first one, and liked her a lot. SHe was gorgeous, but didn't seem like she cared too much about being around people. SHe otherwiase was great. My huband said to go ahead and get her, but I wanted to see the second horse, who was being trailered in.

The second horse finally arrived, and she hadn't even finished backing out of the trailer and my husband said "that's Nibbles!" (His first horse when he was a boy)

Long story short - we watched the filly lunge and bought her. No vet check and didn't ride her and didn't even saddle her up. There was just something about her that both my husband and I fell for. We knew within 30 seconds that she ws 'THE ONE".

From the time we looked at her to the time she was delivered, the whole process took an hour and a half. SHe stepped out of the trailer at my daughter's house, looked around, nuzzled me and started to graze. She never acted spooky or upset and from the beginnnig would run to meet us when she saw us.

As she is only 2, I have only ridden her at a walk on short trail rides about 30 times, and she has been absolutely perfect. Doesn't spook at ANYTHING, calm and will go anywhere you point her. She ties to perfection, and when my daughter got dumped and hurt, she ponied the nervous and upset horse back to the barn and remained totally calm. SHe 's a dream and I really give the person we purchased her from credit for how he trained her.

The only time she actually got upset was when my daughter's stupid dog jumped on her back for a ledge above us. We BOTH jumped, buut she calmed down faster than I did! LOL.

SHe is definitely my heart horse

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Jore 08-28-2012 08:38 AM

She's not home yet, as we still have to order feed and figure out her boarding situation (which will hopefully be sorted out by tonight).. but I almost think it was a mutual thing.

I went and saw her two times before deciding that she was "the one".. even though she was the only horse I had gone and looked at, because she was the only horse who even partially met my requirements within driving distance.

The first visit, I was a tad tense and nervous because it was my first experience trying out a horse and I didn't know what to expect. She was very calm and inquisitive.. I also liked the fact that while she was eating her hay, she'd happily come over to say hi, unlike my lease horse. Riding her, she was super responsive and had very nice gaits. I decided that she would be worth a second visit, so we left and told the seller that we'd set up another time.

The second visit, I was much more relaxed and just ended up petting her for awhile. While I was leading her around, she would get pretty close to me and just beg for a pat.. which I happily obliged too. Once I finally got on, I found that we were both much more relaxed and we were both performing much better. It only took about five minutes before I told my dad that we need to buy her. After a later discussion with my dad, he said we could.. the seller accepted our offer and now we just have to get everything ready for when she gets home! :)

kccjer 08-28-2012 08:51 AM

I dunno which it was for my daughter. Cy sort of "fell into our laps" LOL We got him for free from someone who couldn't afford to feed him (and hadn't for a few months:-() He was suppose to be MINE....sigh....2nd horse I've lost to her. With my weight and him being so skinny I truly couldn't ride him and daughter wanted to try him, so I let her. I know, stupid of me :lol: First ride was in the corral as we didn't know what he would be like. 2nd ride was out with friends just riding. She came back from that ride saying "he's AMAZING!!" That old horse will try his hardest to do whatever my daughter asks him to do. I have to admit, he IS pretty amazing even if I don't get to ride him....and he's worth a heck of a lot more than "free"!

peppersgirl 08-28-2012 12:16 PM


that's a soul connection.


This is how it was with pepper... AS COMPLETELY CORNY AS THIS SOUNDS here is my story:)

I worked for a cutting barn up in nebraska at the time this horse came to the barn for training. The second this little black mare was taken off the trailer I was pretty enamored..

Anyway long story short, due to basically being wrecked by the previous trainer, this horse wasn never going to be competetive in anything over lower level cuttings.. so alas she went up for sale as a sorting prospect..for a measly $7000 (she is a grand daughter of peptoboonsmal- and the lady paid quite a bit higher than this for this horse, not to mention well over a year( by this time) of cutting training) .

after talking my self down from this horse i really didnt need (what the hell am i gonna do with a bombed out cutting horse who has some issues??), I had a dream about riding her where something/someone was telling me (forcibly might i add) we were meant to be and that i needed to try- so ok I did.

I offered $5,000 with a stipulation that i would be able to lease/make payments on the horse for the first few months as we didnt actually have the money right then (had 50- acres of crop land under contact---long wait- the few months turned into over 6 months)- considering she had other people interested in this horse who were willing to get much closer to the asking price with money in hand, it was a pure miracle that she accepted my completely rediculous offer. Even the barn owner was freaking amazed she went with it.

although this mare is just beyond sweet- she has WAY MORE GO than i like in a horse, not to mention the wheels in her wittle brain like to turn and over think things so shes nervous (all be it not near as bad as when i first purchased her)- another thing I steer clear of when out looking for a horse for myself.. oh and that **** head shaking thing she has going on along with being kinda lame at the time (contracted heels easy fix)...with her though none of it matters because we get along so well and i have never understood a horse so well before her and vise versa. There truelly is a soul connection there.

CLaPorte432 08-28-2012 12:27 PM

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I feel that both of my mares chose me. We chose our 2 geldings. The first mare, Chilly was a rescue. I think she would have chosen anyone to get her away from where she was. She was such a sweetie and had sad eyes. You never forget the look of a horse with sad eye. It goes straight to your soul. We connected right off the bat and we went and picked her up the following week.

With my new mare. I wasnt looking for another horse. I had just bred my mare. She was 3 months pregnant. What do I need another horse for?

Well, it was as if she just fell into my lap. The greatest deal. A race bred young mare. Sweetest personality. Well, whenever i went to the peoples house. She would follow me, stare at me from across the pasture. She would not let the previous owners catch her, and i was able to walk right up to her...or, she walked right up to me...every time.

I visited her at the trainers and she already calls to me. And while the trainer was riding, she kept watching me and trying to stop by me. Sweet, sweet girl.
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nikelodeon79 08-28-2012 12:48 PM

I have owned four horses and had different experiences with all of them.

When I bought my first pony, the seller had two options available: a pony mare with a pony/QH filly at her side and an 8 year old gelding. My head said, "Only look at the gelding" but part of me really wanted that 2-in-1 package (despite the fact that the mare was green and NOT at all suited for a beginner, and I had absolutely no business raising a foal at 11 years old). When we got to the farm, the gelding came running over to the fence and I never looked twice at that mare and foal. I always say that Bandit had me at hello. :)

With Cody, I was specifically looking for a horse to graduate to (after having outgrown the pony). I went and tried him out and he was VERY green. I was pretty much terrified of him while I was riding him... yet for some reason I bought him anyway. I think it was because he was the right price and at the right place, which made looking at him very simple. So, I don't think it was a heart or head decision... it just was a decision. It ended up working out and he turned into a phenomenal horse, despite some bumps in the road.

With Royale, he definitely chose us, or more specifically, he chose Bandit. He was supposed to stay at our farm while I kept Cody at his former owner's farm for the summer. Well, the owner brought Cody back in the fall, saw how happy Royale was in our pasture, and asked if I wanted to keep him.

With Mirage, the second I saw a pic of him on the internet sale page... that proud, regal Arab head and terrible skinny body... I was LOST. I wasn't even looking for a horse at the time, but I had him shipped to me sight unseen. Even though he was with me the shortest time, I think he was my "heart horse." We bonded instantly and completely.

Roperchick 08-28-2012 01:29 PM

oh yeeesh Josie had me in her pocket on Day 1! haha

we werent even LOOKING for a horse when i found her. We went to a ranch where they had a gooseneck trailer for sale, because we needed to find a new one....we ended up not liking it, but the cowboy didnt quit.

He told us to go look at some of the horses while we were here....first horse i saw.....Josie.

She was standing with her nose to the gate, staring me down, like she was trying to mezmerize me haha "come let me out of my stall....take me home."

she was dusty, n dirty, but beautiful. 15hh Sorrel, her mane was a good 4 inches below her neck, tail was touching the ground. 3 white socks.....def. the horse i had in my head for the first 11 years of my life.

so i crawled in her stall n walked all around her....she def. had me wrapped around her hoof.

3 weeks later, after riding her a couple times, getting my vet out n all that she came home with us! n shes had me as her personal slave ever since.

Charlie kinda just fell into my life at the most convenient time. we had just lost Sugars foal, she was still at the vet and i was moping around at home. My moms friend told her about her dad having a mare who just dropped a pali colt...."UM, HELLO TALK ABOUT MY DREAM HORSE!" so we told him, bring em over. sight unseen....well we had pics but i never actually wen and saw him at their place.

so the trailered them over....first horse out was mamma....pretty unimpresses, she was 8yrs old, never been touched by humans. but baby....omg baby. He was GORGEOUS. 6 wks old, brightest gold coat i had ever seen. def. my dream horse.

livelovelaughride 08-28-2012 05:28 PM

I have to add another tidbit regarding me buying Ed, the 17 yo. TB gelding. I do alot of energy healing work as well as my therapist friend and mentor. When Julia, my friend, finally saw photos of Ed, she said he is the horse she saw in my own energy field around me when I do treatments. She had described him earlier and he matched her psychic observations.

And I know this sounds a little flakey- but when I call to him I can feel my heart center clearly opening to his heart center. He looks at me with xray vision, it feels like. It feels like love! And, great stories, btw. Love them all!!

sommsama09 08-28-2012 08:40 PM

Subbing - You all have such amazing story's which I loved reading :smile:

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