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AngieLee 08-28-2012 11:55 AM

our first show EVER! :)
On Sunday I took my 8 year old breed stalk paint (show name " you misses a spot" apparently everyone got a kick out of that lol) to our first show ever! and my friend, who shows jumpers, brought her jumper mare Splash (awsome in lace lol) so there first western show ever, just to run some of the games :)

I was SUPER proud of Cody! he was a champ!!! well the first class was horrible. It was a halter class and i went in 3rd out of 12 people. didnt know there was so many people competing in the class! so we had alot of time to stand there... with him screaming like an idiot the intire time, at anyone who would listen to him. I guess it coulda been worse, he stood still and screamed :? Oh well, it was his first show, and i learned my lesson. Next time i'll go in 11 or 12 out of 12 lol

However we DID place 5th in Showmanship!!!!! We had only been practicing a week before the show, and i didnt even get out every day to practice, and im so proud of him!! he went in and did everything i asked of him, to the best of his training ability. BUT im not convinced we deserved the ribbon out of the 7 people in the class. Though im beyond proud of my boy, im not convinced we deserved it. The judge they had wasnt a registerd judge, and was making funny calls all day. I think she (the judge) placed us because we tried (word got around it was his first show), and because i corrected his back up when he started going slanted, and i think that got me brownie points. So, though im SUPER proud of him, and he deserves a 1st place in my books. I dont think we should have placed, because i think there was others with more skill then us. but thats just in my opinion all in all im SUPER proud of him, and i had a blast! and i think he did to for the most part :) As did my jumper friend and her Jumper mare!:-P Now for the pictures!!!!

^ Cody and I waiting to go in for out Halter class
^walking up to the Judge
^ Lost my hat lol but jogging into line
^ in line, where he screamed like a moron the intire time. My fault. shoula gone inlast lol

Now for Showmanship!

^ asking for a turn. only been practicing for less then a week lol

^5th place ribbon

Now for some western games! woot

^ Go monster Go!!!! My jumper friend, and her jumper mare lol(her names splash, but i started calling her Splash Monster and somehow it just went to monster at some point lol)
^wwwwooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
^ Cods and I! we just loped the patterns for fun, and for training purposes. except i gave him his head he decided he wanted to go to the other side of the barrel LOL so in this picture im trying to get him pointed in the right direction
^ LMAO my face!!!

^ The jumper ladies rocken the western!! oooohhhh yeeaaahhhhh. and yes that is a Jack Daniels shirt and yes, it is amazing LOL. There were a few people showing in games who are usually jumpers and just wanted a change of pace. I was surprised by how many actually.

---- Both of us DID run barrels to, but my mom fails as a photographer and out of both of us running it she had a black fuzzy blob, i assume is cody and i, and a picture of the sky lol so no pictures of that which SUCKS but oh well----

you hold a glass of water, and they tell you what to do and person with most water left wins. Cody and I flunked out first. Lopeing left is our very bad thing. cant pick up the left lead (or its a fluke if he does), and not as much controle (as hes not balenced) so of course, we start left, and the 3rd thing they asked for is a lope.... and im one handed to boot. so we took up on a wild diaganal and i ditched the cup decided in a ring with 8 other horses, conrole was much more important LOL oh well, maybe next time! my friend however, got 2nd place!!! woooooooooooooooooo

^ when i still had my cup. that didnt last long LOL

(more to come!!!)

AngieLee 08-28-2012 12:09 PM

^ told you. tossed the cup LOL
^ dusty much? trotting into the center of the ring, where we stood like loosers till they stoped everyone LOL
^ ok this is a **** good picture of him!! you can see how burnt my face is tho lol
^ My friend and Splash (hey look you can see her "splash") rocken the steady hand like champs!!
^i like this picture :)
^ Cody and I, leaving the ring with dignity! LOL

OH!! we also did a leadline class with our family friends 4 year old (there both like family to me)
Cody was a champ. he called out a few times. but was fine. but when we did "steady hand" for the leadline class she dropped some water on him and he dog shook her. lol poor kid. shoulda seen her face, she looked at me wide eyed and said "he wont do that again right!" lol Godda love her.
^leadline flagrace

---And just to end off this massive thread. My mom bought a wagon at a near by flea market, so this is how we gotr water for the horses LOL---


MyLittleHunter 08-28-2012 02:25 PM

Congrats on a great first show! Lovely pictures, looks like you guys had a lot of fun. :-)

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