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OpheliasWings 03-29-2007 03:02 PM

New to the group, have some questions on color and breeding
Hi Everyone, my name is Sonseria and I'm new to the group. I have some questions about my qh babies. One is a filly who is around 8 months old now. She was supposed to have been registered with the AQHA, but after a lot of run around we were told the person we bought her from didn't have the papers. So regardless at this point we don't know anything about her parentage other than we were told that her mom was grey. I'm actually trying to find out if anyone thinks either of my babies will turn grey. They are shedding their winter coats right now and I am noticing white hairs on both of them.
Also I would like to get everyones opinion on the breeding. We were told that Little Miss the filly was a registered qh, and that Morgan the stud colt was a grade qh. I know there is a difference in breeding obviously, but I have wondered if Morgan may be mixed with something or if he's just going through a gangly stage. He'll be a year old this month and she's around 8 months.
Looking forward to hearing everyones thoughts. Thanks so much!

This was Little Miss 3 months ago when we first got her

And these are from about 3-4 days ago

Here is Morgan when we first got him.

And these are from a few days ago. I have since brushed him out and he's showing a lot of white hairs throughout his sides and his rear end and some on his face.

prettypalfrey 03-31-2007 03:07 PM

Its said that if they are going to turn gray they will have white around their eyes. I think you have bays. They look like a typical qh. I had the same problem with registration. I finally got her registered

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